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Steroid Advice

Hi am 19 year old who competes in mixed martial arts. I train very hard and use the right nutrition/diet. I have been using supplements but I want to up the anty so to speak. I am interestesed in starting a cycle after gaining the knowledge to do it in a preductive and safe way. I am interested in using oral application to begain with before switching to a intramuscular injection. I was hoping you could give me some feedback on certian stacks/specific steriods for me to look into more.
I work out 6 days a week. I do chest, arms 3 days a week. which each major muscle recieving 4 different exercises i.e. chest bicep tricep forearm. I do my back and legs together on the other three days not sure if this helps but I work my back alot since it is a base for martial arts same with legs. I train MT kickboxing, 3 days a week for 2 hours. then BJJ and wrestling 2 hours 3 days a week. The cardio is intense when training so I do have grueling cardio.
As for diet I stick to lean meats and lots of fruits and vegitables I am 5’7 and 155 pounds. I am trying to eat more to gain strength. I went to remain cut to keep at my desired weight class which is 155 pounds I would like to way about 165-170 and then just cut back down to my desired weight class. The body builder physique does not appeal to me becouse it is impratical to my sport. A good body type for me would be someone like George st.pierre of more practical becouse of my stocky build would be Sean sherk. I hope I have provided enough info for valuable responses.
Thank you so much Larry

I understand all the basic’s and such but the advanced things tend to confuse me. I want increased endurance which I understand can begained is using steriods that up your supply of red blood cells. Also a steriod that will help me gain lean muscle mass and define out more(I sit around an 8 percent body fat now) I read the a steriod used for asthma has thermogenic effects would this also help me gain lean muscle mass. if not what would you recommend. Thank you for any input

You don’t need steroids. You are 19 and you only want to weigh 170. Just train hard and eat. That should be easily attainable.

I really fucking dislike all the martial artists who post on bodybuilding sites saying they dont want to gain weight. Guess what, thats what bodybuilding is. Go find a Bruce Lee circlejerk forum, it will suit your needs better.

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Bush is right on. At 19 ur Test levels SHOULD be at a lifetime high. The last thing U need are anabolic steroids. Squat ur weight for 20 reps, eat 5lbs of red meat per day and u WILL gain. It’s hard not to doing all that.

  Maximize your skeletal developement and don't use roids until your at least 21. Growth hormone may be an option. Ask bushy he will know.

Be patient bro. Anything worth having is worth working for.

Get Swole,

If you were to do something maybe something light like Anavar. From what I have read it gives more strength gains than anything. I agree with everyone else though that 19 is a bit early.

Scratch what I said, I have no right posting advise on this all I have done is read have no experience with AAS just learning myself.