Steroid (AAS) Side Effects: Will You Survive?

Hi @Christian_Thibaudeau:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing this article:

Balanced article and in particular I found this part refreshing:

Also way to go mentioning the concern with beta-adrenergic upregulation and potential remodeling of the heart muscle.

Also, might I add that if AAS are your hobby that you do regular surveillance with annual echocardiocardiograms.


I thought that as well. Great and needed article. CT is the real deal when it comes to all things fitness.


Much appreciated guys


That should be stickied in the pharma section. Very well written. I will be reading it again.

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My pleasure. Your writing and phrasing in the article so much better than that knowitall PITA readalot:

Also, big props to you for understanding how problematic it is to concatenate the words “safe” and “AAS/steroids”!

I really am hopeful you will make an impact on those that will take the time to read, digest and apply the information you took the time to share. Thanks again.

Guys (and Gals) make the investment to routinely track your BP, RHR, EKG/HRV and get that echo annually.

Maybe among the older users who start to be more health (heck, survival) conscious. But I doubt it will have an impact with the younger users who just want to be huge right now, and think that they are invincible


I’d cry if this wasn’t so darn funny. Well said.

As per @mnben87 's idea above, would be great to sticky your article on the Pharma forum description IMO and maybe a hyperlink to your article attached to the words “safe and effective” in the Pharma forum description:

Thinking out loud: Increase the collision frequency people have with your article when visiting the Pharma forum if that’s possible or something your colleagues could make happen.

@Mod_Phoenix / @Mod_Starr (what the hell I’ll also appeal to @TC_Luoma, I’ve only been reading you and Dan’s work for the last 25+ years, thank you Man!) : is it possible to pin the article or this thread (if it’s easier) on the Pharma forum or link in the Pharma forum description as highlighted above?

Surely if a user has to see Danny Bossa’s face
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I read this thread and appreciate the information, even the additional comments.

But every time I see it pop up In the latest posts, to me, it begs the question: At what age can a person feel as though they survived the side effects?


I’d say you are eligible!

Let’s also take a moment of silence for those who weren’t as fortunate as you:

I am glad you made it and wish you many more years with reasonable compression of morbidity.

You mentioned ‘Carditone’ and it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Anyone out there using this and Is there a specific brand you like and recommend or more importantly a dosage ?

Actually, unless I’m mistaken, carditone is a only made by one company although the ingredients might be in some other products. Just follow the instructions of the bottle.

A lot of people, myself included, reported up a a 10 points drop in blood pressure from using it.

Thanks … I picked up a bottle after reading your article and the company is AYUSH HERBS.

Didn’t realize they were the only ones making it. I appreciate the reply :+1:

It contains rauwolfia extract, which contains reserpin. This was used for blood pressure before other medication was available. It empties neurontransmitter vesicles of NA, DA, 5-HT and GABA. It drops blood pressure by inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system. It’s notorious for inducing depression after a while taking it, that’s why it’s not used anymore.

0.5 mg are enough for this effect.

Thought you might be interested in this CT.

It is very interesting! Thank you for the info.

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