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Hey all

I havn’t experienced this in quite a while, however tonight as I was doing my workout it happened.

I was doing standing arnold presses, and as I lifted the weight heard a slight cracking sound, and felt something around my sternum. This has happened previously, from memory with shoulder presses although maybe with other exercises.

After the ‘crack’, there is a noticeable pang in my sternum. It isn’t so much painful as it is simply restricting… for example if I touch my palms together in front of me there is noticeable ‘pain’.

I have previously worked through this or simply stopped and come back the next day, however I am starting to think (bing bing bing) that the cause is preventable.

I am also curious as to whether or not this is a serious injury or something along those lines, because I don’t want to hinder myself later down the line, I’m only 18.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome!

Could be your collar bone. My collar bone is uneven from an unhealed injury, the two little ball type bones at the bottom of my neck are seriously out of order. So go see a doc right away, unless you wanna be a freak like me.