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Sternum injury?

Okay, first off I have been going through the previous posts to get a feel of how things go on here, and I know how most people feel about pull-overs. That having been said, I have done them before, and enjoyed them, probably didn’t expand my rib-cage one iota, but I enjoyed them all the same.

Now the haunting question: Anytime I try to do dips focusing on my pecs if feels as if my sternum is splitting or the muscle is being ripped off the bone ( I don’t do them anymore) But I loved doing dips, and also when I now attempt a pullover with anything over 30 lbs it feels like my sternum is splitting as well. So now I don’t do either of these exercises, I don’t really care about doing pull-overs, but I miss my dips. any help would be great.

ART my friend. Also PM me for phone# of a couple of guys (in Canada)who do both ART and a whole slug of soft tissue stuff. To learn more about some of the “other stuff” check out the following:

http://www.academiesutherland.ca/fr/guy_voyer.php (French)


Maybe we could get T-MAG to do an interview the good Dr Voyer (Voy-yea for those of us who don’t speak French).
I attended his seminar at the Poliquin Performance Center in Arizona last April. Real good stuff.