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Well...figured it was about time my weak ass hit the logs and started tracking things properly.

Brief background: 38 years of age. Took up lifting about a year and a half ago, after deciding to change my life: quite drinking, smoking, being useless, etcetc and while it went well for a while I eventually fell out of the habit around June. Anyways, picked a gym membership up in January this year and have been at it since then generally 4 times a week.

I go at lunch and my time there is spent jostling for equipment so most my lifts/weights are done on machines, as I don't have to wait around on my time constraint but will definitely need to revaluate this soon and try to find a 'quiet' time as I can appreciate the benefits of getting under an actual bar and squatting, etc.

So without talking more shite -

Age: 38
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 16 Stone 10, that's 234 with a full belly
Bodyfat: 20+ish? Tbh I have no idea, and no pics with shoes, before anyone asks me to post one.

Goals = to get stronger and bigger as safely and consistently as I can for a couple more years till I feel I can safely start cutting some fat without ending up looking like Beiber.


Exceptions aside (rear delts) I generally try to stick to a max of 12 reps with any given weight. once I can comfortably crank out 12 I then up the weight and 8 reps and work back up to 12.

Converging Shoulder Press - (4 sets building up to) 95 x 8 (I seem to be especially weak in this area =/)

Lat Raises - 175 x 12

Rear Delt Flies - 180 x 15 (I've read high volume works well on Rear Delts so I've literally just changed things up here and hammered through a couple of warm up sets x 25 reps and then just blasting as many as possible of my current weight, between 12 and 15 reps, upping the weight 5 lbs every week until I stall.)

Will just fill in the rest of the days but modify the actual weights from what I think they'll be on a daily basis.



Converging Chest Press - 197.5 x 6

Pec Deck - 170 x 10

Pec Flies - 255 x 12

(Will add some decline DB pressing which I did do regularly. Last time I sat with them it was 30kg DB's so I suspect around 34 or so at least by now)

Triceps Extension - 185 x 10


Wednesday: off


Machine leg press - 320 x 8

Leg extensions - 205 x 12

Seated Leg Curl - 190 x 10

Like many others legs were another aspect of my workout I fully ignored last year so pretty weak in this area (well in all areas I guess, lol, but especially here).



Chin Assists 60 x 6 (another weak point of mine it seems)

Diverging Lat Pulldowns 185 x 12

Seated Rows - 210 x 8

Diverging Rows (top grip) - 165 x 10

Rear Delt Flies 185 x 15 (hitting these twice a weak as they are a definite weak point due to omitting them in my first 6 months of working out).

Biceps Curl - 150 x 8

Saturday and Sunday off


well uh

hey there hot stuff



(and the romancing begins...)

Why hallo there Big buddy!! :wink:



Machine leg press - 325 x 6

Leg extensions - 210 x 8

Seated Leg Curl - 195 x 8


page 1 of Sternies training log.

we're looking for good things to come out of reading this, my Scottish friend.

Don't disappoint.


Oooh now the pressure's on! ^^ Looking forward to a good back workout today and given I've got the day to myself tomorrow I'll be coming in for another chest workout!


Chin Assists 60 x 7 (really don't seem to be getting much better at these)

Diverging Lat Pulldowns 190 x 12 (+5lbs)

Seated Rows - 210 x 10 (+2 reps)

Rear Delt Flies 190 x 13

All in a bit of progress in every lift although did have to drop curls and diverging rows due to time constraint. I really need to consider going at another time. 40 minutes in and out seems to be constricting myself too much.


Converging Shoulder Press - 110 x 6 (huge jump of 15lbs. I was feeling some pain at the bottom of my medial delts which was hindering these a bit but it seems to be abating somewhat)

Lat Raises - 180 x 10

Rear Delt Flies - 185 x 15

All lifts up by minimum 5lbs from last week and shoulders feel like they're going to explode! "Yas!!!" is all I can say to that really. ^^


Converging Chest Press - 197.5 x 10

DB Press - 34kilo x 8

Pec Flies - 260 x 10

Triceps pulldowns - 70 x 10



Machine leg press - 325 x 10

Leg extensions - 210 x 10

Seated Leg Curl - 195 x 10


Thursday Off - Friday

Dumped the chin assists for the moment for slightly kipped (very slightly) Chin Ups and managed 5x5x5

Lat Pulldowns - 175 x 8

Seated Rows - 215 x 8 (+5lbs)

Rear Delt Flies 190 x 15


Saturday (given I really don't feel 40 minutes is long enough to get a good chest and tri workout I've decided to up my training to 5 x a week to get under a bar finally when the gym is quiet.

Flat DB press - 34 kilo x 10

My first flat barbell press in years! A very weak 60 kilos + bar = 177 lbs, 9 sets of 4 reps and a final 5 reps. A bit disappointing tbh, considering I can push 34 kilo DB's for 10... but heyho - I'm hoping that it's because it has been years and my arms/shoulders aren't used to being locked in place by the bar...or something...)

Pec Flies - 265 x 8

Triceps Extension - 190 x 8 (only two more plates left on this machine so going to have to consider an alternative soon)

Triceps Pulldown - 70 x 10

All in all a great workout. Walked out feeling the man, albeit the little man. :stuck_out_tongue: Was great to be able to relax though and not have to storm through my sets worrying about getting back to work on time.



Converging Shoulder Press - 110 x 9

Lat Raises - 185 x 10

Rear Delt Flies - 190 x 15 (I might be burning my delts out too quickly by starting these sets at 145lbs for 25 reps as I don't seem to be able to push it much further than 190 over the last few sessions)



Converging Chest Press - 200 x 6

Pec Flies - 265 x 10

Triceps Extentions - 190 x 10

Triceps pulldowns - 70 x 10


Thursday -

Diverging Row (top grip) - 175 x 10

Chin Ups 4x4x5x4 (actually managed less than last week so added another set. Possibly because I couldn't get to the bar and thus did these second?)

Seated Rows - 220 x 10

Diver lat pulldowns - 195 x 8



Converging Shoulder Press - 110 x 9

Lat Raises - 190 x 8

Rear Delt Flies - 190 x 12



Converging Chest Press - 205 x 9 (big ups from last week)

Pec Flies - 265 x 10

Nice stretching Pec deck for lowish weights. (still an odd pain underneath my right medial delt, been nagging me somewhat and preventing me from doing these with any considerable weight- indication I'm probably using my shoulders too much!)

Triceps Extentions - 190 x 10