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Sterlising Testosterone Which Come In Vials


Hi All,

Just worried about Viruses that might be lurking in the Vials that I get from my source. I normaly prefer Amps . but in this case if I get a Vial i'm a little hesitant to inject it. I am just worried if there are any Viruses such as HIV or Hep C or any other virus. Bacteria also.

SO I have some questions.

If I want to be on the safe side can I boil my Test E Vial in the oven to kill any viruses. I plan on using a filter and a .22 after .

Would Oven Baking the Testosterone kill any Viruses such as HIV , Hep C ?

At What Temperature would those Viruses die at ?

Thanks in advance


...why are you concerned that your vials have HIV or hep C in them? have you ever heard of this happening? If you have, please elaborate, cause this sounds like a weird fucking concern to me..


I can pretty well assure you that this has never happened unless someone intended it to happen. You would have to stick an infected person, draw some blood, and inject it into the vial. Most viruses are pretty fragile things outside the body. HIV, for example, dies within minutes upon exposure to air. I highly doubt it would survive contact with benzyl alcohol long enough for you to inject it. Anyway, it's not good business to kill your customers and if you wanted to poison someone, there are plenty of chemicals you could slip into a vial that would do so much more reliably than a biological agent. These pathogens aren't just floating around in the environment, LOL!

Certainly bacterial contamination can happen. 220ºF for 20 minutes will kill any microbes present. The problem is, dead microbes can still cause a nasty immune response. Your body doesn't like foreign matter in its tissues. The .22 filter will reliably take care of nearly all microbes, dead or alive. You can use heat additionally if you want to, but it's not absolutely necessary.


What sort of Filter can stop HIV virus ? and Hep C ? Does anyone now the size of HIV Virus and Hep C ?


You aren't getting this. WHY and HOW is there going to be live HIV or Hepatitis in your vial? That's nuts. It defies basic biology and all common sense. If you're this paranoid, you'd better not use injectables at all.


Well that certainly didnt answer anything that I asked, are there any studies to show these viruses cannot survive in oil ? are all UGL clean and sterilised I highly Doubt all are . and if your that lucky bastard injecting that one vial that happend to be tampered with. You lifes done !


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You have an overactive imagination. If someone wants to kill their customers, they're not going to do it using the AIDS virus. Where the fuck would they get it, AIDS R US?

You're paranoid fixation on Hep C and AIDS seems to be obscuring a more legitimate concern, which would be the presence of toxic heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, industrial solvents, and the like.


Alright, I'll provide some helpful info. Put your vial in the oven at 220 degrees for 20 minutes. Then re-filter it through a .22 Whatman into another sterile vial. Then you'd better bake that one, too, just to be safe (God only knows what those nefarious vial manufacturers are doing). I'd also recommend subjecting it to intense UV light and gamma radiation. Then, keep that vial in a triple-locked bank vault under 24-hour armed guard, lest someone sneak in while you're away and tamper with it. You really can't be too safe.

You should only ever inject in a sterile, positive-pressure room, after having your entire body scrubbed by surgical techs and receiving a protection prayer from several priests of multiple denominations. You know there are live microbes and fungal spores in the air, right? We don't want abscesses.

Better yet, just don't do AAS at all. They are known to cause psychotic rage, permanent penile shrinkage, and sudden death at any dose.

Hope this helps.


Watch out for the surprise buttsecks too; can't underestimate backdoor bandits these days man!


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Just to clarify, micron filters are not effective at preventing viral contamination. Viruses are just too small.


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