Steriods = Teenager Death?

Anyone see the 60 minutes II show last night about the 17 yr old baseball player who hung himself after coming off steroids? Basically everyone on the show linked this dude’s suicide to taking steroids. His high school baseball coach told him he needed to get bigger. He decided the best way to do that is buy taking a crapload of steroids. It was obvious the guy had no idea what he was doing and simply stacked all kinds of steroids and didn’t have a plan to up his natural testosterone after coming off. He basically was suffering from severe depression and after a couple of weeks of being “off”, he hung himself. This is why steroids will never become legal; there’s too many teenagers/people that are stupid and will take whatever they can get their hands on…Now his father is crusading to get something done about removing steroids from high school sports.

I’ve seen more stupid ‘adults’ come through this site than teenagers

The crusade is actually quite complete when you think about it. As sad as this sounds what his son did was illegal UNLESS of course it was in a country that they were legal and I seriously doubt that 60 minutes would take the time and do that. All this talk about steroids this and steroids that. Maybe somebody should get in touch with the news agencies and set them straight by sending them the real facts. Sorta hard to do when there are’nt alot of real live studies out there just speculation. However they are steroids are still being manufactured, they are still being prescribed and I doubt they will ever go away. This kid obviously had issues before he started if he was so easily pressure into doing them. Maybe his dad should look into that end of it first.

Maybe the father should be crusading for better coaches. Obviously his coach wasn’t a very good coach. If he wants his players to get bigger he should help them by coordinating lifting programs and nutrition programs. Also no one forced this kid to take steriods. The pressure from the coach was most why the kid obviously started. So who should really be blamed?

I understand somethings can’t be controlled or are even overlooked but to point their fingers soley at steriods isn’t right either. The pressure on the kid to perform well (in school and baseball) may have been just enough without steriods having anything to do with it.

However they are steroids are still being manufactured

sorry, correction to the line should read “however there are still going to be steroids manufactured.”

Yeah, as if steroids were this kid’s problems. He was just fine otherwise.


I hold the opposite view. To me, this is the epitome of why steroids should be legal.

This would not have happened if he were under a doctor’s supervision. Now I certainly don’t condone H.S. kids using by any means, but I’d much rather see a doctor give the kid a thorough talking to about the big picture, then going forward if the kid insisted and prescribing him a decent cycle.

And if steroids were legal, then there would be almost no black market steroids anymore, so less kids would end up using.

Look at birth control or abortion, you may not agree with it, but at least girls aren’t out there getting killed with coat hangers anymore.

At least that is my opinion.

Sounds like that kid found a juice supplier pretty easy. Wish I had that kinda luck…

Yes, I watched it and the story is definitely out of balance. To have famous sources such as Bush, the former NE coach, this story and the media crush with baseball, well, the public opinion unfortunately will be swayed unfairly. Its too bad that researched, in-depth articles like here at TMag don’t get the broad press because the public could better understand how light cycles of test can be beneficial. I’ve never taken steroids but I do now take Mag10 and Tribex because at my age (52), I frankly need a little help. And I feel better. But we get a national story on a kid who takes 5 times what he can tolerate and they don’t present balanced research. Maybe it should be a TMag goal to invite a noted reporter to receive the real truth. Just an idea.

they had an a-hole from the ioc and a doctor on espn’s outside the lines the other night. the a-hole proceeds to tell the audience that steroids have tons of side efects including sudden death. the doctor was actually informed on the subject. he said “a-hole, can you name one person in the history of man kind that has instantly died from steroids?” a-hole changed the subject. the doctor elaborated further on the exaggeration of steroid side effects. the host of the show…who i might add looks very similiar to humpty dumpty, said well if thats true how come no one else agrees with you? the a-hole said the vast majority of the medical community wil back his statements, which is true.

i urge everyone to get a copy of legal muscle. it really breaks down the whole steroid story in great detail.

I urge everyone to knock Humpty Dumpty off the wall.

That would be a good tongue twister for ya P-dog:

How many humps could a humpty-dumpty hump if a humpty dumpty could dry-hump?

Holy shit Warhorse…and you say I have too much time on my hands…

I didnt catch the 60 minutes piece, but I remember reading a long article about this kid in the NY times a few months ago. Frankly, it made me want to vomit.

I dont know what they said in 60 minutes, but this article gave at least 10 incidents/warning signs that this kid was nothing but trouble. He got caught stealing money, beat up some kid and mentioned that he was comletely obsessed with himself and his body image. They then followed this up with how great of a kid he was and how the evil steroids killed him.

My message to his father would be to take a look at himself, a look at the behavior of his child, the choices he made. Take some personal responsibility for your actions. The loss of a child is a horrendous thing, but making something out to be the scapegoat doesnt make it any easier. Same message goes to the parents of Steve Bechler. Grieve, mourn, pray, do all of that…but keep your mouth out of shit that you dont understand. Its sickening.

Good to see ya again 3x, where you been hiding at. Good answer.

Good point about personal resposibility 3x. Man, I can’t stand people who can’t take responsibility for their own actions.

Not long ago, my (absolutely adorable) godchildren were visiting. The 12-year-old boy mentioned that their health classes were covering the dangers of steroids, and he summed up why they were bad with “They turn a woman into a man and a man into a woman.” I said “What!?” and then gave them one of my best “the world is lying to you for its own foul purposes but you know you can trust me to tell you the truth” lectures. This boy is fascinated with how muscular I look (most adult males he knows don’t stay in shape), and listened carefully.

Some weeks later, at a dinner with our two families, the health classes/steroid topic was mentioned briefly, and his older sister “shushed” him with the look that means “This is one of the secrets that we can’t discuss in front of mom and dad.” (There are a few topics that the kids can talk freely to me about, not their parents.) I can only hope that I’ve reached a few kids with the message that “Steroids don’t kill people; people’s stupidity kills people.”

Maybe this is the best we can hope for: try to make sure that the kids around us have an intelligent source of advice to turn to.

Now that the democratic primaries are all but over, the media needs a new whipping boy. Steroids it is. Oh wait, that is an old whipping boy. Here it comes again.


That is the American way dude…Its all around us everyday…Im fat because of Micky D’s,Im Dying because of those damn cigarettes…My kids a sorry peace of shitt because of T.V…I mean it never ends…Its gotten to the point where I laugh my ass off at these stupid freakin people!

LMAO Redmeanie!

Good point Warhorse. I actually agree with you. I’m just sick of stupid people. No tolerance for it…