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Steriods -FL


I ordered sust 250 and have already took 1,000 mg over a two week period and have no results from this....

I guess I need to get a different type! Can anyone recommend a steriod which will prove to have the best results for mass and muscle gain?

I am not a 100% sure the website was legite. Any recommendations?

You can PM me for privacy!

I am in Florida anyone else?


You know you are meant to insert it directly into the rectum right?



No! I was told by a guy I know who happens to be a pro body builder to inject in the arm, thigh, or butt cheek.

Is there something about this drug I am unaware of?



he was injecting it!

Damn man! SUStanon is a SUSposatory, hence the name dumbass.


You motherfuckers scare me.


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