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steriods/ correct cycling

what would be a good cycle to use for an older lifter [36] that has been off training and steriods for 8-years. been training naturally for couple months now. nothing much happening. hope to take off bodyfat in lowerback waist area, as well as gain about 20lbs. right now 210lbs. also will propecia neg. affect gains??  dont want to lose the wig ya know. thanx....

My advice is this: At your age dont bother with anabolic steroids. I did the sauce in my mid 20’s and got excellent results but then took off two years and just recently returned to training. I considered once again trying to obtain a personal supply of some mild anabolics, but it is awfully difficult these days to find quality stuff and besides, with recent technology advances there is no need to juice unless you are trying to look like one of those freaks onstage. I despise most supplements because 95% of them are junk. I have gotten excellent results by taking 3 tabs of biotest 500 twice a day and covering my body with androsol spray about an hour before I work out, only on the days I work out. I am happy with the results and I feel like they are comparable to a mild steroid, giving me a nice sense of well being and energy. If you do go the steroid route, stay away from stuff like cypionate and anadrol, they are just too strong and once you get into your thirties you dont want the side effects, at least I dont. If I had to choose I would probably try to get some deca, or oxandrin which I have never tried but I hear is good and is in oral form. If you are a recreational lifter there is just no need to do juice anymore with supplements like this coming out.