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Steriods and Thyroid Function


I have subclinical hypothyroidism and taking medication. No big deal, but I would like to do a cycle of Equipoise and Winstrol. Will this have an effect on the tyroid? Thanks.


AAS's are known to kill your T4 levels, and will greatly reduce your T3 as well. After starting on "HRT" I felt great/energetic for a while, then not so much. I got blood tests back and my T4 was non-existent and my T3 dropped 70 points. My doctor was surprised she didn't know about it. She does now.


I always incorporate T3 when I use anything that suppresses my thyroid function (namely Tren). I don't have a pre-existing condition, but I find it really helps. About 75 to 100 mcg per day is what I use.

Last I checked, there wasn't really much danger with the long-term use of Lyothyronine sodium (T3), so I just stick to using small doses of it when off cycle, too. Keeps my metabolism high and really helps with the protein synthesis.


Thanks. I am wondering now if the thyroid meds I take now would be sufficient to counter the cycle, or take more, or just not fool with steroids at all. On the other hand, just do blood work and take what is needed to maintain the thyroid. Big problem is that it would all be self-medication because my doctor will not get involved.


What kind of thyroid meds are you on? Levo/Synthyroid? Armour? Your outcome depends on the meds you are on. If you are on a T3/T4 medication it probably isn't a huge deal. Unless your doctor has you in the middle or bottom half of the "normal" range.

For me personally, I felt like like Superman after the second or third week, and didn't start to "slow down" until months later. Your doctor checks you right? If you try the "dark side" and your thyroid numbers decrease, a good doctor will take you back to a happy level again. So you can win either way.



Thanks. My TSH level was at 10.52, which caused the doc to put me on 50 mcg of Levo per day. Still have a month to go for the first blood test to see if it is working. I am disappointed that I don't feel any different and I don't see any difference in shedding bodyfat.

I would guess that even if the cycle screws up my thyroid readings, they could be corrected after with Levo. I also understand that thyroid problems and treatment are long term and that bad numbers short term should not mean too much.

By the way, would Clen have any influence on the thyroid numbers?


"Clenbuterol will also cause a drop in thyroid production, hence then reason people add T3 to their fat loss stack. Using this combo for any other reason is pointless."
It is the conversion of natural T4 to T3 which needs to be raised post cycle and Clenbuterol reduces this.

This was copied from another site.


Interesting. I realize that this is most likely permanent for a TRT patient, but how about for a cycler. Does the T4 T3 come back to normal post-cycle?


Hmm. While trying to find your quote I found another at http://www.mesomorphosis.com/articles/dharkam/triac-for-fat-loss.htm
"Ephedrine or Clenbuterol will increase thyroid output."

Screwed for sure now. Ha.


Cytomel side effects:

- Cytomel t4/t3/Thyroid, should not be for more than 6 weeks.
- Risk of developing thyroid insufficiency with prolonged use (years of)

Drug Class: Synthetic thyroid hormone.
Additional Comments: Significant suppression of Thyroid function during use.
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Thanks, but of course. I am taking 50 mcg. of Levo for a medical condition and wanted to know if aas and, now, if clen would affect my T3 readings. I am not talking about doing a clen/cytomel stack-though I guess it is simimlar.

Unfortunately, I already have a thyroid insufficiency and will always be taking the thyroid med. (I wonder, though, if I wanted to do a stack, would I just use more Levo or Cytomel and when off the cycle go back to my normal dose?)


Ok so I grew up with congenital hypothyroidism and my thyroid was removed in 2007, I’m on 200mcg of levothyroxin daily, I’m wanting to start on winstrol and dbol but I wanna make sure it won’t affect me in a negative way seeing as how I don’t actually have a thyroid anymore and am in such a high dose of Levo