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Steriod Wisdom from 17 yr olds

I was struck by how logical and intelligent some of these posts were by 17 yr olds regarding steroids and professional baseball. My favorite is below:

Professional athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs should not be subject to criticism or punishment. The only thing that performance-enhancing drugs do is increase the potential of natural-born talent. If an athlete did not have the skill to play their sport, they wouldn’t be there in the first place. Enhancing drugs merely push athletes to the next level, which is required for them to keep their job. It’s all part of the game.
It’s also better for the audience, the fans, us. Who doesn’t want to see Barry Bonds hit a ball into McCovey Cove? Or a hard hit on the football field by a linebacker? Sports is a game. Games are entertainment. If enhancing drugs enhances entertainment, then why not let the athletes take the drugs at their own risk? Drugs don’t give an individual Superman abilities overnight. The individual still has to put in work. The careers of athletes aren’t that long (less than four years, on average, for an NFL player). If they don’t keep their performance up, they will be replaced quickly by the next stronger-and- faster guy.

So, let the athletes live and play their years the way they want, without judgment.

– Philip Ha, 17

are you trying to tell me that i cant hit 73 home runs if i take thg?