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Steriod Side Effects in Women

After taking 2-12 mg of Decadron per day, for 8 weeks, I have experienced weight gain, increased facial hair, scapal hair loss, irregular periods. I was taking this because i had a concussion, terrible headaches (post concussion syndrome). After stopping taking the Decadron, i lost half of the weight rather quickly, but i still experience hair loss on my scalp and irregular periods.
It is obvious that something is wrong with my endocrine system. What do you recommend that I do to bring my hormonal levels back into line, along the lines of nutritional supplements or other drugs?

Decadron is dexamethosone, a glucocorticoid steroid (not an androgen, estrogen, or progestin.)

I’m sorry to say that I have no knowledge of your situation and can only recommend seeing an endrocrinologist, which you probably already thought of.

Have yourself checked for ovarian cysts. A cyst can produce abnormal testosterone levels which could explain your condition. Treatment usually involves going on the ‘pill’ but may require surgery.

As Bill stated, Decadron is dexamethosone, a glucocorticoid steroid similar to hydrocortisone, prednisone, etc. Although corticosteroids have a number of beneficial anti-inflammatory effects, they can also have some dramatic adverse side effects, including those that you describe. After the use of corticosteroids is stopped, the body may need time to adjust before all adverse effects disappear entirely. (The length of time this takes depends on the dose and length of usage. In some cases, it may take a year.)

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Since it’s obvious that you don’t know what you’re talking about, Hemo Rrhoids, how about shutting the hell up? Jill’s taking a corticosteroid that was prescribed to reduce post-concussion swelling. Just because its name includes the word steroid doesn’t mean it has any effect on endogenous sexual hormone levels. Most likely, Lipo is correct inosofar as she quite probably is suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in addition to mild side effects from the Decadron. What planet do clowns like you come from anyway, where you think you can butt in on a thread that you have absolutely no clue about and then start preaching away on a totally unrelated matter? Stick to what you know, vendejo, which appears to be trolling in AAS-related threads and, no doubt, spending your mommy and daddy’s money on Playstation cartridges. Leave the real discussions to people who know what they’re talking about.

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thanks bob, i looked up polycystic ovarian syndrome and the symptoms look simliar to what i have. who in the medical profession would you recommend seeing for diagnosis of this condition, and what do you know about the treatment?

avoids roids, I didn’t do anabolic steriods for bodybuilding purposes; I am not a bodybuilder or very interested in extreme fitness in general. I used them because I had post concussion syndrome which was destroying my life. learn to read and comprehend, think for yourself (not regurgatate what that ridiclous DARE program fed to you), and waste your time elsewhere.

Jill: Any competent OB/Gyn should be able to determine whether you have PCOS and treat it accordingly. As little as a year ago it was a relatively unheard-of ailment, but the medical profession appears to have made great strides in its diagnosis and treatment in the past few months. (For example, Metformin is now typically used to treat PCOS-related insulin resistance.)

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AvoidRoids, in another thread you admonish Steve for not reading your post properly and then you reveal your hypocracy when you don’t read Jill’s post and then you flame her.Like the others have said Decadron is a catabolic steroid(not anabolic) prescribed for inflammatory conditions(autoimmune diseases,etc)and it is NOT illegal.

Yep, you may indeed have ovarian cysts. But also, you sound like illness and stress have taken their toll on your body. If you are not adverse to the idea of alternative treatments, go see a reputable practitioner of Chinese Tradtitional Medicine. They are great at fixing internally generated medical problems.
good luck.

I don’t think i have ovarian cysts, because i did not have any of these symptoms before i started my regiment of steriods (decadron). I beleive i stayed on for too long (12 weeks) and it increased my natural testosterone production, do to the androgenic nature of my side effects. What drugs are there on the market to lower testosterone levels, similiarly to what armidex does for estrogen ?

Jill: In essence, you’re asking someone in this forum to diagnose a medical problem and then to recommend an appropriate medication. I don’t mean to be rude, but the reality is that this isn’t going to happen. You need to go see an M.D.

Sorry fans but I have been out of town making another million. I appreciate all your worthless input but I shall continue to post my anti-steroid use comments on any thread that I chose to and that’s the way it is people. As for Kennedy, I am glad that he actually had something intelligent to say for a change. His advice about seeing a doc is correct. However his advice on other threads about steroid use is typically wrong and totally irresponsible. As to the other idiots who had comments to make, sorry but I only respond to those with IQ’s above 100 so don’t waste your computer time as I don’t read them.

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