Steriod Help

I am on my last week of dbol and i was thinking about getting winstrol now and seeing how that works on me i seen very good strenght gains from dbol but now i just want to cut down does this sound like a good idea or no?

how much weight you trying to cut?

Depends. If it’s winstrol oral then no. Give your body a break from the D-bol. Also Winny has this reputation as a miracle fat-loss agent which it’s not. It’ll help harden up a physique and maybe ward off some low calorie catabolism but don’t think it’s the be all end all of fat loss.

Worse thing in the world is to follow x number of weeks bulking directly with x number of weeks cutting. You’re literally pissing away a sizeable portion of the gains you just made. Gain, maintain then cut

I am going to be taking shots 250 a week

Get some proper stuff to avoid growing a nice pair of breasts. Be sure to check out the effect of roids on the cycling of haemopoietic stem cells. It will blow your mind! You guys suck!

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