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Steriod dieting

Next week I plan to start the steriod diet I read in the Testosterone issue I got last summer with 4-AD.I plan on using my normal weights but do 3 sets of 6-8 unstead of 12 and 10 min. of sprints 3 days a week.I just wanted to see if anybody else has done this diet with 4-AD and if you had,what was your results.I’m also taking some T-2 pro and the old Betalean formula with it.Is 4-5 pounds of fat a week atainable.Thanks

4-5 pounds is a lot of fat per week. If you’re severely obese, it is quite possible. However, if you’re not, a 14,000-17,500 calorie deficit over seven days is a tough call. To put it in perspective (assuming 100% efficiency in fat burning, which isn’t even a reality), if you ate 1,000 calories per day, and your maintenance (including energy expenditure during exercise) was 3,000 calories, you could IN THEORY pull off 4 pounds a week. I tend to think that 2-3 would be a more ideal goal for most people, though.

By the way, what are “steriods?”

Agree with Cressey on this one. If your caloric deficit is severe enough to allow for a net fat loss of 4-5 pounds per week, you’ll lose a bit a if mass.

I've tried this before, and in my opinion, with calories that low, 4-AD is simply not strong enough. When I tried with Mag-10, I did much better.

Hope this helps.

4AD isn’t strong enough for such a great caloric deficit. Also, with such a deficit, leptin levels will crash in only a few short days and your rate of fat loss will dramatically slow. You will almost certainly get better results be incorporating some planned carbohydrate overfeeding sessions throughout the course of the diet.