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Steriod Dieting Question

I just reread the “Steriod Dieting” article. I plan on doing an eight week dieting phase while using Mag-10 (which I may stack w/ Fina). Using the formula for calories given in the article, I should consume about 2,200 per day (225lb - 337g protein, 50g fat, 100g carbs). Does anyone have any recommendations on how to cycle calories for my 8 week dieting period? I was thinking of doing something like this -
week 1: 2,600
week 2: 2,400
week 3: 2,200
week 4: 2,400
week 5: 2,200
week 6: 2,000
week 7: 1,800
week 8: 1,600

Ideally, the calorie reductions will be from a lower carb intake. I know that’s really low at the end, but I don’t know a better reduction strategy.

My second question concerns the Mag-10. Is eight weeks too long to be on it continually? I could do two weeks on, one week off 2 1/2 times instead...

Right now I’m about 17% bf and I want to be around 10% at the end of this cycle. I don’t know if that’s feasible but it’s worth a shot. In addition I take ALA (for hypoglycemia), proscar, a generic protein blend, and some inconsequential herbs (Kava Kava, Valerian etc).

Thanks for any ideas.


second that, where does it state (in the article) how long to stay on ?