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Steriod Cycle & Calorie Question

Question for your guys. Supposing someone is a couple of stone overweight and REDUCES his daily calories AND starts on the following 8-week cycle:

400mg Deca pw
30mg D/bol spread across the day

Will he:

a) See no difference?
b) Lose fat and maintain muscle?
c) Lose fat and gain a little muscle?
d) Something else?

Be interested in any opinions!

hey dude,
given that you dont drop cal to low, you will gain muscle and lose fat…you would lose fat on maintenance cal with the addition of androgens, so consider that when deciding how low you drop your cal.

Thanks BiggyBoy, hoping I’d get an answer like that!

just curious bad tempered bear, why did you choose these androgens for a weightloss cycle?


D-bol is a powerful androgen that may cause you to gain some fat if your body has a high sensitivity to aromatization. It will definitely cause you to retain water. Just something to keep in mind…

…no steroid out there can be used as a fat burner.

Dezz, I had bought that gear in order to go on a bulking cycle in Jan/Feb, with a view to following it with a Clen/T3 cycle in April. The idea was to go for around 3,500kcals per day whilst bulking and then 1,800 whilst cutting.

I just started to wonder if I could do both at the same time. Of course the muscle building results would be much less, but my overall aim is for a change in body composition - more Tom Cruise than Dorian Yates, if you see what I mean.

If you have other suggestions, then of course I’d really appreciate the input. Cheers.