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Steriod Beginner........


24 yrs old





Been working out on/off for the past year learning my body & exercises.

My weight fluctuates 170-175lbs but can't gain weight because I have a super fast metabolism.

I eat a decent amount, usually spend like $500/mo on food.

Not trying to be lazy but am stuck & ain't going anywhere.

Buddy of mine sold me some stuff, supposed to be good stuff, read alot of reviews & don't see any problems but also don't know much about it.

Any comments or have any suggestions on stuff to try?


You already said your buddy sold you some 'good stuff' so why you asking what you should take?

6'7 and 175. You don't need steroids you need to eat ffs.

Whats a 'decent' amount of food? I'm sure you don't eat as much as you think if you 175lbs. you are 6'7!!!

Post what you normally eat, don't go near the gear.


You even admit you're not working out regurarly.
You obviously don't eat enough, it's not about how much you spend money on food, but how many calories you absorb when you want to gain weight, basically.

This has fail all over it.


You need to eat. I weigh more than you and I'm a foot shorter. I also have a crazy metabolism. Juice won't help you until you can start eating 6 meals a day to the point that you feel like can't take another bite.


I hear food works pretty well.

Lifting weights tends to give good results too if you're consistent


you're so skinny, do you walk past bamboo canes and think "god I'd love to have shoulders like that guy"?


This is genius. Has anyone here tried this? That's why I come here. All these great ideas.


do you watch America's Next Top Model and think "damn these chicks are swole"?


do you avoid walking past kindergartens in case the kids kick your ass and steal your lunch money?


do you have a picture of Victoria Beckham stuck to your fridge as an example of the ideal physique to work towards?




Too good


When you are sideways, do you disappear?



Regardless of what anybody says here the biggest indicator that it will be pointless for you is that you said you lift "on and Off" and by your pictures half heartly as well. Think about if you cycle and when you come do you really expect to keep any of your gains? If you can't even train properly & consistently while being natural.


Holy shit is that what you do?


Did you get your meal plan from Ally McBeal?


I would make myself eat every 2.5-3.5 hours and include big portions of healthy fats. Snack on nuts, avocados, eat salads with heavy dose of extra virgin olive oils for dressing (mix with apple cider vinegar.) Large portions of complex carbs before your workout is a must. Sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal has to be included for your goal to weight gain.

Coconut or almond milk, dairy-free sorbets instead of ice cream, vegan cheese products will pack on calories. You have to make up your mind you will eat 4-6 meals per day and stick to it if you want to add weight.

Also you're in need of adding more iron when you workout. Add either more reps or more weight each workout so you will grow. The more you eat and workout with heavier weight the more pounds of muscle will appear. It doesn't happen in weeks. It's a lifestyle measured in years and decades not weeks and months. Get it?

Have you tried any of the commercial ultra purified and lactose free whey protein or mass gainer powders? You can mix them in water?

Don't kill yourself when you do cardio because you will cause body to release cortisol which is catabolic. So your body would be burning muscle instead of fat and also makes you retain water.

P.S. Grow thick skin your first year at this forum, no one wishes you harm but guys can throw down on posters that have insufficient foundation here. Don't quit tnation, just understand more than half of them wish they had your thin body type. Why? Because it's easier to have your problem and build with the information they have then to work 3X harder to fight their dick-doo disease.

What's dick-doo? Their gut sticks out further than their dick doo. See, you're already ahead of half of them. Only opinion that matters here is yours. So don't sell yourself short ;!


"Dick doo" I'm rolling lmao


seriously? This guy is a total nimrod who has been training on and off for ONE YEAR and is now looking to be spoon fed info on a steroid forum. You don't think that laziness on that scale should be mocked?

I mean look at the info you've just given him. Literally 20 seconds of google could've told him all of that. Eat big and lift weights? Revolutionary!

Pop the titty out his mouth and flame him like he deserves.

and the idea that anyone here is flaming him because we are jealous of his body type is laughable.


Come on bro I know that. You have to agree flame free at one post new members is the way to draw more here and bro isn't it a worthy cause?

The answers are there for everyone to google but if you can tolerate serving pablum to some it is worth it for the time being.

I won't be here forever and I would like to meet as many different people as I can. Hell it's funny and sometimes really sad, you never really know who lives in your city or state and that they have a talents and information that you don't.

You can't argue there are guys here with guts and puddin tits that will take longer to look good then a 24 year old hard gainer who is lactose intolerant.

Now jump on the peace train and I'll send you "The Rack All in One Gym Station" to smooth us over: