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Hey, how is everyone. Need some help here. Is there any way to sterilize a steroid, ie boiling it, or heating it to a certain temperature without destroying its active ingredients? I have about 20ccs of injectible equipoise left in a 50cc bottle. The friend who I got it from says its clean, but I’m not certain wheter someone along the line may have reused a needle or something. I have never used anything before unless I have broken the seal myself. So before I toss this stuff in the trash, I was wondering if I could salvage it. Help from the T-mag guys and anyone else would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you warm it to around 78 degrees C, which
is 172 degrees F, you will kill any pathogenic bacteria and this temperature is safe for
the steroids. You could do this heating in
a pan of water. Something to look out for is
that the air within the vial will pressurize…
you may want to withdraw 3 cc of air, or
withdraw 3 cc twice, before doing this.
I’ve only seen the pressure thing be an
issue where the metal ring around the septum
had been removed… probably no problem if
you neglect withdrawing the air.

So, half an hour in water of about that
temperature (a little hotter is also OK)
will do the job. Actually a few seconds
of the oil actually being at that temperature
suffices, but it will take time for the oil
to heat up.