Sterilizing Test.

Alright, I’ve heard that heating Test., specifically, boiling the bottle, did not harm it,though freezing it does. Then I read a post on another board and this claimed that he talked to a person who works for a manufacturer of Propianate. This person said that heating Test that way would denature it. I really need to know the answer to this. Thanks, Nick.

Good question. this would be very useful with brovel products from mexico because i have heard they are not sterile. if heating it does denature it, how about adding a small amount of ethyl alcohol to it to sterilize it?

Heat does not “denature” testosterone propionate per se,
but it may not be completely stable to heat. I would not
heat it to boiling but only to about 70 C or 160 F.

This would kill any pathogenic bacteria except for spores.
You really cannot kill spores if there are any, not
without destroying the steroid too. However most or all can
be filtered out though with a .22 or, better, .1 micron
filter. A reasonable procedure is to filter first into
the container, seal the container (if it’s a vial with
a stopper, keep in mind that you’ll need to leave a way
for air to escape, for example with a syringe inserted
into it) and heat it.

Amounts of ethyl alcohol that would not be harmful
to your muscle tissue are not really very effective
antibacterials either. I would not add any.

Pyrogenic contaminants are not removed by either method.
Basically, if stuff is “dirty” in the first place, you
just need to get clean stuff… the whole thing in
pharmaceutical manufacture is staying clean all the way,
not getting dirty and then trying to clean up by heating
or something.