Sterile Water

hello again gents.

i’ve tried searching for info on this but i’ve been getting mixed opinions, with most of it skewing towards one direction. but i thought i’d run it through here first before coming to my own conclusion.

i’ve read that when it comes to reconstituting peptides such as hcg and hgh, the best thing to use would be bacteriostatic water. however, i am hard pressed to find bacteriostatic water where i am. however, sterile water with 0.9% sodium chloride is easily available. common belief is that anything mixed with sterile water as compared to bs water will lose its potency faster, such as within 3 to 5 days. is this true?

to my logic, the only difference with bs water and sterile water is that bs water mantains sterility longer than sterile water. however, the potency of the drug remains the same. thus, if my logic is true, is there any practical way to maintain the sterility of whichever peptide i am using over the span of 2 weeks? or would using bs water be the only practical choice?

I’ve used sterile saline ophthalmic solution for peptides.

If bacteria don’t get introduced, then there will be no difference in life of the peptide.

However, there are many suppliers of bacteriostatic water. You could get it from various ancillary suppliers, or suppliers of peptides such as Melanotan II.

true on the supplier part. its just that the shipping for it would cost 5 times the actual cost of the bs water. so trying to think of alternatives to the situation. still, looks like bs water is the safest way to go.

safety first eh?

You can make your own bacteriostatic water extremely easily. Just get a bottle of distilled water and mix in benzyl alcohol to 0.9%, then filter through a .22um filter into a sealed sterile vial. That’s it.

but therein lies another problem, acquiring benzyl alcohol. i have access to ethanol and methanol though. but i doubt those can be used in replacement of benzyl alcohol.

Are you kidding me? So you have to pay a few bucks to ship it for god sake were talking about something your injecting into your body.

You can’t import BA into Singapore?

I think I can. Just got to try it. I mean if I can bring epistane in, I think BA shouldn’t be a problem. It still boils down to paying for 30ml of liquid to the tune of 30 US dollars. So yeah, think I’ll just buy bs water straight.

Well make sure and check out those import laws before ordering too much of anything. Singapore does have a bit of a reputation for it’s crime deterrence policies…

True on that too. But its only for hard drugs like ecstacy, cocaine, marijuana… Things like steroids kinda just slip past. They’re just classified under medications. And even if caught with those, the most they would do is confiscate them. Unless of course they were found in huge quatities. Cause then it would most likely be for distribution instead. Much like the laws of UK.

Guys i ve same problem if i put sterile water to mix gh and use the gh in max 5 days i dont loose any of potency of the gh?

Where are you located?

Bro i had some law problems for a package in past so i cant risk it

I’m not asking specifically, I mean what country.