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Sterile Vials ??

I’m looking around on getpinz.com, my question is in regard to use of the sterile vials. After mixing the solution with HcG in its amp then drawing that into a syringe… Then emptying the contents into a sterile vial as needed.

My question is in regards to seals and stoppers. They have a ton of different types of seals, they have:

Aluminum seals, center tear out.
Aluminum seals, center tear off.
Aluminum seals, with hole.
Flip top Aluminum seal

Then they have rubber sleeve stoppers, Butyl stoppers, and rubber stoppers.

Ummm… I have no idea how this would piece together? I wouldn’t imagine a crimper would be needed. I’ve run a search and could not find the answer to my question. :frowning:

HCG is available in 10,000 rubber top vials. Very cheap at Sam’s Club if you have a script and business membership. $16.25 or 10,000 iu.

For transferring, you want to buy sealed vials. Those are vials that already have the stoppers and tops on them.

Transfer your HCG using a syringe and a .20 micron whatman filter.