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Sterile Specimen Containers?

Hey boys,

Is it ok to store gear in those containers for specimens (such as urine samples) The containers say sterile, they have a yellow lid that can be screwed on/off.

Would it be fine to pour the gear into this container (from a sachet) and then draw and inject? Or are there sterility issues?


Can provide pics if you guys aren’t clear about what I’m talking about!

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Yep, I agree with Bushy on this. You also have to be careful when drawing up solution out of a plastic container, as the tip of the needle can easily shave off some of the container. You wouldn’t want bit of plastic in you.

Thanks guys.
These forums are great, there is always someone to help.

I’m not going to use these based on these suggestions, but just thought i’d mention, that
anytime I ever use injectable gear, my hands will be sterile, because I bought this “hand sanitser” that claims to kill 99.9% of all germs.

Thanks again.

Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands as you’ll need to remove any debris such as dirt, oil, dead skin, etc. Imagine dipping your hands in mud and then just using hand sanitizer. It just doesn’t work for medical purposes without scrubbing your hands first.

Scub and use surgical gloves. Do what the dr’s do. Zactly what my friend does. He has this whole thing he does. From start to finish.

Get some vials what is it going to hurt to wait a week or so to get some clean good vials in the mail. There is lots of sites to order from.

Yeah Vials are on the way from GetPnz.
1: Scrub.
2: Put on gloves.
3: Hand sanitizer.