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Sterile precautions for winstrol?

A friend has access to 20ml multidose bottles of a vet winstrol called “stanus 50” (jurox). i have advised him of possibility of bacterial contamination unless he is extremely careful. how can he best minimise the chances of this?

If there are sterility concerns, the surest fix is to use the product orally, divided into 4 or 5 doses per day. Probably using an insulin syringe to meter out the doses but not injecting, just squirting into a liquid and drinking it.

thanks Bill, that’s what I thought.

there’s another thread asking a similar question but no replies regarding oral ingestion of winny; do you get the same dosage strength ingesting 50mg of injectable winstrol orally? is this easier/harder/the same on the liver etc. as taking 10x5mg tabs? thanks.

Effect on the liver is the same when taken orally regardless of whether it is from Depot taken orally, or tablets. I don’t think anyone has ever made a careful effort to compare oral efficacy of Winstrol vs. injectable. (Actually, I would not be surprised if this does appear in the veterinary literature but I have not looked.)

Opinions range from (fringe opinion) of being more effective orally, to the mainstream opinion of anywhere from needing the same dose
for same effect, to needing twice the dose.

Personally I’d put it between needing 50% more dose and double the dose. That is just a guess.