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sterile containers?

Needed to take a couple cc’s with me to finish my cycle on a trip. I cleaned out a little shampoo bottle (hotel type) and boiled it in water twice for 10min to sterilize. I put 2cc’s in the bottle and closed it tight. Think it is safe to use?

Should be. Someone also once suggested to me to use one of those little single shot bottles that come around the neck of a bottle of whiskey or whatever because the alcohol that has been inside the container has kept it reasonably sterile.
An idea i’ve played with before is going to the drug store and buying a bottle of eyedrops then using that container because eyedrops are usp sterile. However questions were raised about the BA interacting with the plastic, but its something i think i would try if i had to.

why didnt you just pre-load the syringes?

not smart my friend…

just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of bacteria will have you at the hospital in a few weeks having an absess drained from you ass.


Here is what i have done in the past: first, i emptied out my whey protein container. I cut out a piece of cardboard from the back of a pad of paper that was the same size of the bottom of the protein container. I placed my preloaded syringes in a ziploc bag, then put them in the bottom of the empty protein container, put my false cardboard bottom on top of that, then filled the protein container back up. Worked fine for me but i was travelling in canada and we are not searched quite so thoroughly as they are down south. I wouldnt cross a border using this method either.

Also what you could do is find an empty multi vial somewhere and fill that thing with what you need, then travel with empty syringes in your shaving kit or whatever. Just carry the vial in your pocket. Most have aluminum tops which i do not believe is ferrous enough to set off an airport metal detector anyway. If you’re worried apparently you can peel all the metal off and use some tightly wrapped electrical tape to hold the stopper on. If you have any juicer friends in your area i’m sure you can find a multi vial somewhere that isnt being used. Failing that i’d go with the eyedrop method second, just get an opthalmic solution that is usp sterile. If you’re travelling in the u.s. i’d be wary about travelling with preloaded syringes.

Shouldn’t boiling for 10min in a covered pot kill all bacteria? I will only have to open the container twice for two injections. Is there any real chance of getting infection in this situation with fresh pins?

Or…I have Winstrol in the container. Should I just injest it? Empty or Full Stomach?

I think you could do it. Where is the bacteria going to be introduced into the bottle? Only when it’s open during filling or extraction. Air isn’t going to contaminate it anymore than when you inject air into a multidose vial to equalize pressure or snap the top off of an amp.

That said, you certainly can drink winny, it’s just not as effective as injecting.

boiling in water does not kill all bacteria. to make sure something is bacteria free it must be autoclaved or boiled under pressure(like in a pressure cooker) to achieve higher temperatures. just thought you should know this.

Nothing is ever going to be 100% bacteria free all the time. Sure you could get it that way but then what happens the minute you open it or use it. Then we are all going to fucking die from the bacteria. Boiling it will do fine. Fuck, I used wesson oil straight out of the fucking jug, not heated or anything and I am fine…or am I? Maybe I got some brain bacteria growing what do you boys think?

Will the gear not sterilize itself to a certain degree. That is the theory with tren conversion kits anyway. The BA and BB are supposed to kill all bacteria that might be in the solution if you let it sit for a day or two. Anyway, if you are in a pinch, use the eyedrop container, you can get them anywhere and they are sterile.

Geeze…talk about making something wayyyyyyyy more complicated than it needs to be.

Has anyone heard of purchasing an EMPTY STERILE VIAL?

Problem solved.


I think the whole IDEA was to transport the chemical OUTSIDE of a vial… as in for travelling purposes.

I’m with P-dog on this one. Just pre-load your pins next time.

I bought a couple of 10CC empty sterile vials with the stopper you can load syringes through. The lids are plastic and screw on. I know they’re sterile.

Boiling makes things sanitary, which is a step below sterile. You are protected from a certain amount of bacteria taken in orally, so boiling is fine for stuff you’re going to drink. Shooting it in your ass is a different story and bacteria can get a good foothold in a hurry. Take some antibiotics with you, and a scalpel so you can lance the abcess. Oh, and betadine. You might want some sutures and some latex drain tubing in case the abcess gets really nasty.

Good luck

How along are you going away for? if it only a week I would double up on my last two shots and forget the whole problem of transporting. It is not going to make that much difference in the long run anyway. And there is no worry of germs nor law problems. Makes sense to me.

I didn’t want to preload because I was flying and didn’t want to get busted for “what’s in the syringe sir?” because you never can tell when they are going to randomly search your bags.

I am at the end of my cycle so I just drank it. I am tapering off anyway so a little less potency won’t hurt. Getting your ass drained isn’t fun and worth the precaution!