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Sterile Abscess or Septic?

Hey guys, so I’m pinning .67 eod sust 325, been rotating delts only, haven’t had any pain or noticeable swelling, redness, nothing. This morning while pinning right delt as I aspirated a bit of a milky off white substance came out, I assumed abscess. How can I tell if it’s sterile or septic? Should i be on the safe side and goto er or hope for the best with no redness? Working 12-14 hour days so 4 hours in the er is what im trying to avoid. I pin around 5am before I leave for work and I pulled around 1.5cc out, and skipped my pin today. Any help appreciated.

If pulled 1.5cc of milky fluid out I would have went straight to the er, if you work in a industry like mine then you may not experience any pain or swelling, I and constantly using my shoulders and arms, so relative pain tolerance maybe higher in those areas.