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Stereo for Nate Doggy

Yeah, I STILL love the massage I can get in my truck, but I don’t compete anymore- responsibilities (house, wife, work 60hrs, and I guess I kinda grew into home theater). I do still jam with about 2600 watts rms in my pickup (provided by Rockford) juicing JLAudio subs (3 12’s), Infinity midbass (8 in flatline) and Soundstream 5 1/4 separates. My Alpine’s acting up, so maybe I’ll start to “play” soon. The main problem with that hobby is the money. The system alone in my competition car was valued at 24000 dollars (yes, that’s thousand) not counting installation labor, which I estimate at about 1600 man (and woman) hours. I know, but a 20 year old with a good job, living at home can find a LOT of spare money. I just wish I had the car back…

Um, how do you like Grow?

Infinity, that is a hella system you got running! I can’t believe it cost that much. I bet sounds awesome. I want to check that bad boy out! You live anywhere near Florida?

My friends have gotten on my case because I spent more than $3K. But it’s worth every penny. I have an Integra Type R, and I had to have a kick-ass stereo to go with my bad-ass car. I have an Eclipse head unit, MB Quart Premium 5 1/4’s front and rear with titanium tweeters (coaxial), as well as an additional pair of MB Quart tweeters in the door. I have two of the new Kicker L7’s (the square woofers) that handle tons of power. In fact, I have two eight’s and they kick more ass than most 12’s. I power my system with a Precision Power 4800. I actually have had about four different sub enclosures in my car, but none of them sounded good. And they were all JL Audio subs. I love JL Audio, and never used anything else. But for some reason, I couldn’t find what I was looking for with JL. Then those new Kicker’s came out, and it took me a while to convert from JL, but I am extremely happy with their performance. And they take up very little space in the enclosure. Oh yeah, and it’s all protected with my VIPER 500ESP. And I’m sure the “bug” will bite you again. When it does, look out!! :slight_smile:

What kind of competition? I’ve never heard of that before.