steralize shampoo bottles?

Sorry to make another post about this, searched and saw one just a month ago, but there was no real answer to the question. So, I need a sterile container, not amps, and big enough to carry a fair amount of stuff. Tried boiling a shampoo bottle, lasted about 4 minutes before it started to melt, and now that I’m reading more seems like thats not the most sterile way to do it. So, what is the best method to take a container, steralize it, and then use what’s been stored in it?

You can use contact solution bottles because the solution inside is already sterile

Go buy or order an empty, sterile, SEALED vial. This shampoo bottle-thing is just plain stupidity.

Ya, I would much rather use an amp, but I don’t really want to travel with them, which is why I have to use a stupid shampoo/contact/tanning lotion bottle. Any one else? Thanks for the replies

Ahhhh well then, you should have made that clear about your travel plans. I totally hate the idea of placing chemicals in other containers other than where they are meant to go. My only other suggestion is to pre-load your syringes. Good luck.

Okay, so I should have been more specific in my first post. I need to have the ability to move like 2 cycles worth, so I can’t use the pre-load thing for all of that gear, thus again why I was wondering if someone knew a way to steralize a container large enough to carry 16 weeks worth of juice in something that would travel well, hence the shampoo bottle. Any other ideas? Thanks again

I know someone who used an 80ml vit-E bottle once…it’s oil, so is the juice so it doesn’t look suspicious…if they search a bag they are likely (most likely) going to open the containers to see whats in it…well none of my shampoo has ever even resembled an oil based product…

You could always just stick your joice in something like this.

Take the shampoo bottle and cap and rinse throughly with tap water, then rinse thoroughly with distilled water, then let dry, then rinse with 99% isopropol alcohol, then let dry, then put in the microwave for a few minutes (watch it to make sure it does not melt), let it cool with the cap covering the opening but not screwed on.

If you use a opthalmic solution bottle (medical eye drops) they are sterile. However, once the container is opened the sterility can’t be guaranteed anymore. One method for resterilizing amps that works is rinsing twice with bleach then twice with isopropyl alcohol. You could likely do this to your eyedrop bottle, or one of the other methods listed, however again once you open it it wont necessarily be sterile anymore. If you absolutely don’t want to carry around a vial, then i would say your best bet is to go with the eyedrop bottle.

This stuff isnt to be messed around with though. You can get a wicked infection by injecting non-sterile gear. Do be careful…