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Steps to Olympic Lifting



Iv been lurking these boards for a while now and finally have gotten around to getting a log going. Im a 5ft11, 12 stone, 18 year old student with a goal to get into olympic lifting. Iv not been lifting very long at all (a month and a bit?) but already this type of lifting seems to be what I want to do.

For now Im following Starting Strength, though only just started doing powercleans (was doing front squats before). Iv had a bit of a problem with my squat which has been recently corrected and reset to get the new technique solidified and my bench press seems to be problematic but other than that its been fairly smooth sailing. Unfortuantely Im only managing to train twice a week at the moment due to long commutes to and from school and working for exams but in 4 weeks study leave starts and although training will obviously be fitted in between exams I do have breaks with none where I can get going hard. Iv been videoing some sets from the last few sessions Iv had which Ill post here for form/depth criticism, any is appreciated.

squat set 1

squat set 3

Had the comment that the squat looks a little high which Is something Im going to try work on next session

powerclean set 1

powerclean set 2

powerclean set 3

powerclean set 4

Slowed down powercleans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VnuiN0lph4 Here I can really see that my hips arent fully exploding as far forewards as they should, my back isnt as solid as it could/should be and I think Im pushing my shoulders too far over the bar.

37.5 OH press video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdeQwEsHi34

Pretty easy, just had a bit of a balance issue on the second rep which was caused by my forearms not being straight and pressing away from myself.

Currently Im looking like this for the next 2 sessions:

Squat 85 then 90
deadlift 130
OH press 40
Bench press 50
powerclean 50/55/60? Just get the technique sorted then progress.


Had a bit of a rubbish session, went feeling weak and lifted to match. Got 85 3x3 but I think I may have been high so video it next time. OH press went for 40 and got 4-3-3, repeat next time and spent time practicing hang cleans but need more work on them. Videos of hang cleans:

Thoughts: Initial hang cleans I was going too low down my quads, later on when I corrected it I think I started to get the hips kicking out and shoulders back but Ill try again next week and see how things are progressing. (Also get a better camera angle)