'Steps to a Better You' - My Training Program

Hey, T-Nation. I started a fitness/health blog to motivate myself to continue progressing, as well as to help spread some of the things I’ve learned over the years. I know this is a bodybuilding forum, but my guide isn’t to get as big or as jacked as possible. My goal is to get into the best shape of my life while improving every aspect of my athleticism.

I’ve posted “Step One,” which includes my starting measurements (forgot body fat, it’s somewhere around 20%), goals for the week, this week’s nutrition/workout plans, and some random tips for beginners (some of my readership is family and their older friends who know almost nothing about fitness, so I tried to keep it very basic).

Nutrition is something I’ve never combined with fitness, so I’m taking it one step at a time. This week I’m only working on being as close to my maintenance calories as possible, and hopefully you guys can offer some feedback on where I should go next. My current plan is to add in macronutrient guidelines for next week, then start trying different diets (keto/warrior are two I’d like to try).

As for working out this week, I found a great article on T-Nation called “6 Weeks to Superhero” (linked in the blog) and am doing those complexes two days a week, one day of mostly cardio (where I’ll do my 5K) and one day of yoga/pilates. My normal workout is the Level 2 program from Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, so if I don’t like the complexes I will probably default back to that. Please let me know any other workout programs you guys would recommend!

Any feedback is good feedback, especially if I wrote something that’s false and even if you guys think it’s total trash (hopefully not lol). Also, next week I’m doing a Q&A section, so if you have any questions I’ll do my best to find an answer!

Blog link: http://s2bu.blogspot.com