Stepping it up

In an effort to pack on some extra LBM I want to start lifting twice a day. I am particularly interested in the advantages of two post-workout windows for big eating. In the past I have used variations of GVT to put on weight and have had good results, but I have never tried to design a mass building program that features two daily workouts. I know the Growth Surge Project Stage II has a twice a day plan. Is it any good? It seems a little tame for me. Any other thoughts on mass building programs and the advantages of 2 workouts a day vs 1 would be a big help. Thanks.

twice per day, and how many days have you to committ? HST has mixed reviews here, but I like it. 2x/day, 3x-week worked for the abbreviated version I used.

Read “Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder”. 3 on, 1 off, double splits.

Growth Surge Phase II seems tame? To quote Miracle Max: “You ARE the Brute Squad.” Is it because the sets and reps (5-6) seem so few? It may not seem that way if you use your 3 Rep Max. I don’t think Patterson, Berardi and Shugart collaborated on a way to optimize the gains from Mag-10 and intended it to be weeny.

“Ripped, Rugged & Dense” (Issue 214) uses the concept of a 5x5 routine, with 2 supersets per workout. The point of it was to avoid overtraining, and keep your Central Nervous System ready for the NEXT day’s workout. But if your CNS is up to it, he suggests not bothering with an Off day. You could design something along those lines, be as intense as you like, and keep cycling through the workouts. Design yourself an uneven number, so that each day will be slightly different from those of the week before.

Just 2 cents.

Check out some of CT’s articles for tips on two-a-days.

Any thoughts on timing the workouts, or on the length of each session? My schedule is wide open so I can lift whenever I need to.

2 a days can be great just keep each session brief and intense. You can actually adjust any good program by splitting it up and go at it. I have done this numerous times.

I would also stress to keep a close eye on your self though to prevent over training. I personally wouldnt go over the 2 week mark on an intense two a day program befor taking a break unless you have the assistance of a PH/PS/AAS.

But yes they can be good to promote some great breif growth spurts.

Hope that helps,

Oh and growth surge is a great program. Not tame by any means if you get in ther and ATTACK each set and rep T-man style you will know you did it and the results will show. I can see that it does look to be a little that way. It is all in how you implement the excercises. With the right intensity you can get one hell of a w/o in ten or 15 minutes if need be.