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Stephen Korte's 3x3


i am considering doing said program starting next week. my goals are obviously get stronger and the program looks damn fun. However, i have only been training for 18months and my bench is 240/250lbs, squat at 400lbs and dead at 440lbs.
my question is, am i 'strong' enough to get the benefits? eg, for the first week i am squatting 232lbs 8x5.
any advice from those who have run this would be appreciated




I think you are more than strong enough to gain with this program. I have run it about 5-6 times in different formats and had good results each time.


You’re strong enough. See it through and I think you will be pleased.


Cool, i just love the simple premise, very much like 5/3/1. I’m using the template from the joeskopec site, btw.


WHo does Korte coach?


Can you still use this program if you lift Raw?


ohh- i am doing it raw, and havnt died yet


to the original poster, I think this would be a great program for someone with your lifts, at this point there’s nothing like volume on the main lifts to get you stronger.

I don’t know who Korte has coached but he was a very good IPF junior lifter back in the mid 1990’s, had testicular cancer when he was 23 or 24 and retired