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Stephen King's DARK TOWER series

My friends and I often discuss whether or not these amazing books could be made into a series of movies. Some of us say yes, some say no, and some say yes only if the movies are of some animated form. Any opinions? As for me, I would like to see Val Kilmer play Roland.

I read the first one, and started the second but never finished it. This has got to be one of the most bizarre tomes ever written. I persnoally see it being made into a movie. And if it is, I don’t see it getting any wide appeal. Just my opinion.

Well, almost every other Stephen King book has become a movie, so I don’t see why this one couldn’t be. Even though I haven’t read it. FWIW, I’d say Gerald’s Game would make an interesting experiement in cinema.

The Dark Tower series is King’s life work, he started it in the 70s or 80s, I’m not sure when exactly. I’m almost done with the third book, and let me tell you - they just get better and better. The fifth one was due out a while ago, and hasn’t been released, but I can’t wait. These books are incredible. They’re even better if you’re an avid King reader, since they touch on other worlds and stories he’s created, like The Stand and 'Salem’s Lot. They ARE really bizarre, but you should absolutely stick with them, you won’t regret it :slight_smile:

I have read all 4, and I loved them, but it’s not a book that would make a very good movie, I don’t know how they could do blaine in a movie, and make him seem as large and intimidating as he did in the books, and the going back and forth between worlds would get confusing, not to mention that it would make for a movie that would be longer than any of his other miniseries. I’d hate to see it happen, cause they normally ruin his books on film, I guess not many directors have the imagination I do (‘It’ was the worst example of this, I expected SO much more when you see the deadlights at the end)

Going to have to agree with you there bro… IT was a big disappointment. I really think the problem is that a lot of his good horror just doesn’t translate well to the movies. What seems incredibly scary while reading it, often comes across cheesy when you try to represent it for film… no matter who does it.
As for the gunslinger series, I think it’s some of his best stuff. I love how he uses the series to tie together all the rest of his novels. Also the gunslingers being like Arthurian knights froma bygone era of chivalry is very cool.

I’ve always pictured the gunslinger as being a young Clint Eastwood, from like High Plains Drifter or something. I think it could make a good movie but I’m only on the third book right now. My friend who is in film has always dreamt about doing it if he ever got famous enough haha.

GREAT books. Waiting for the new ones to come out. I guess the dark tower series is going to be one of his last things before he stops writing. I’m just glad he’s going to finish them. I always pictured Roland as a eastwood type figure, but making it into a movie. . . I don’t know if that would work, most of his book to movies are QUITE disappointing.

heres an idea…animation like HEAVY METAL…some of the magic might be lost by the format, but you couldn’t do concepts like the Waste Lands pretty much any other way…maybe computer simulation, not really my area…fine set of books though…

Any who have read THE STAND, then seen the movie will realise just disasterous attempting to transfer some books to film can be.
So much of the Dark Tower series occurs at an internal level, with each character coming to learn about themselves. Look at Eddie, Jake, and Roland. So much of their journey is described as a reflection of personal thought and realisation.

The Stand was the same in this respect.
While this makes for a powerful reading experience, it does not translate into film.