Stephen Colbert's Poor Word Choice

Did anyone catch the Colbert Report last night? He did a segment on Mark McGuire and his steroid use. In mentioning other steroid users in baseball, he mentioned Sammy Sosa’s HGH usage, and Roger Clemens’ “anabolic use…” I normally applaud Stephen Colbert for his accurate depiction of current events, but this bothered me. Does anyone else get asked the question “you’re on an anabolic substance? isn’t that a steroid?” a few times a year? Or something close to that? He’s pretty popular, and using the word “anabolic” in reference to steroid use (without using the word “steroid”) could have large repercussions on how people think of the word.


Let’s try to keep this from looking like the “Mark McGwire Admits to Steroid Use” thread.