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Step-Ups and Leg Curls

I am not sure if I am doing step-ups correctly because my forearms feel more pressure/effort than my legs when doing the exercise.

Also I did 4x5 60 lb dumbbell and was heavily fatigued after them, forcing me to lift lighter weights on my subsequent lifts.

So, I suppose my questions are: what’s good form for a step-up?

Also, the program involves leg curls however I’m not sure that there a very efficient exercise. Should I replace leg curls?

why are you doing step-ups?

I’m not the authority on step-ups I don’t find them too useful once you get satisfactory leg strength. More likely your forearms are weaker then your legs which is not bad.

Best form for a step up? Check youtube videos its pretty basic just stand in front of it and step up. Minimize how much your knees go in front of your toes, and lateral knee movement.

I did them for a little bit with dumbbells. Your grip will definitly fatique faster than your ‘legs’.

Put a barbell on your back and do them.