Step Up for Your Eye Scan

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida’s busiest airport will begin using high-tech iris-scanning technology to filter out possible terrorists and add an additional layer of security, according to Local 6 News.

People at Orlando International Airport will have both irises scanned at special computers to determine their identity. “This will be an additional layer of information that is enrolled, which will be biometric information,” OIA director of security Brigitte Rivera Goersch said. “Employees irises will be enrolled for the additional layer of security.” The Airport Access Control Pilot Program or AACPP is a first of its kind, according to the report.
A person would be required to stand in front of a special mirror and have both eyes scanned.

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I’m sorry, but this ship has sailed.

Can I say it will never happen again, no. But let’s look into ways to keep them away from our borders to begin with.

Let’s invest in intel that points out who these people are and what their plans are.

Fanatics can’t be stopped 100% that’s for sure, but we all know, if you put up one wall they just go around another way.

Cornia transplants anyone?!

Wonderful, and I fly back into Orlando saturday. I wonder what will be in store for me…