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Step Away from the Cheesecake


Evening all. Gary here.

So I'm 38, not quite sure how I got here so quickly, and back into lifting again after yet another of my laziness/post holiday/bored/injury (delete as applicable) breaks.

Started on weights when I was 21 after my Dad told me I'd got fat from too much beer during my first year at Uni. One summer holiday of physical work and a friend's garden shed gym in the evenings sorted that out. I was so damn proud to have got up to a 60k bench by the end of the holidays :slight_smile:

Only been back in the gym since New Year after 6 months off, but already back up to old weights, dropped 7% body fat and definitely the strongest I've ever been. Age seems to be working well for me so far...

Will start posting from tomorrow's session and see how it goes. All weights in kilos as I can't be arsed to convert to lbs :slight_smile:


Welcome, Gary.


jump right in Gary - and kilos are cool.


Welcome to the club.


Cheers Guys.

Chest and Back today and not too shabby.
Really need to get a training partner though as grabbing random folks to spot gets frustrating. Haven't had one in a few years now since last one got a new job and the others all gave up a bit too easily. Either that or I smell.

Close-grip Seated Cable Row
15 x 40
10 x 80
9 x 87.5
5 x 95

Incline Bench Press
20 x 20
10 x 60
6 x 80
6 x 100

Wide Grip Front Lat Pull Down
10 x 72.5
7 x 80
5 x 80

Barbell- Bench Press
10 x 70
6 x 90
Long rest here and change of spotter to someone I had a bit more faith in.
9 x 100

Pec Dec
10 x 80
6 x 87.5
3 x 87.5

Straight Arm Pushdown
10 x 50
10 x 65
3 x 75


Mmmmmm Cheesecake.



Welcome. Another one from across the pond.


Having a training partner is a big bonus - I haven't had one since I've been back lifting again. I'd like to, but there is no one at my half-ass gym that lifts seriously over the age of 25.


You think 38 got here quickly, watch how the years start moving by now. Welcome. Straight arm pushdown? In front of you, for the lats?


Hi Gary how long have you been sober from the cheesecake?

Reading you title and opening I couldnt help but think of an AA meeting for cheeseaholics.


@DJHT Never sober from the cheesecake. I can give or take most sweet things, but a fruit cheesecake gets me every time (well, apart from Black Forest, yeuch!).

@hel320 Yep, like them as a final back hit for the isolation. Nicely rounds things off like the machine flyes.

The training partner stuff really is a bitch when you want to push yourself. Talking of which, here's today's workout with a failed PB in the squat where maybe someone shouting in my ear to "lift the bloody thing you big wuss" might have made all the difference :slightly_smiling:

Should have been in the gym yesterday morning, but an impromptu couple of drinks after work on Friday turned into a 2am taxi and a long lie-in... Sunday at 6pm isn't a great time to get in gym mode.

20 x 20
5 x 70
2 x 100
2 x 120
1 x 140
150 FAIL!!!

Stiff Legged Deadlift
10 x 70
10 x 80
7 x 80
5 x 80

Single Leg Leg Extensions
10 x 40
10 x 50
9 x 50

Seated Leg Curl
10 x 40
10 x 55
10 x 65

Stand Calf Raise
18 x 50
13 x 50
13 x 50


Monday: Did shoulders the day after legs with less than 24 hours rest. Not a good session and really should've rested another day.

Time for a weigh-in: 5' 10", 215lbs, 24.6% BF (which was 22% a week earlier, so relative pinch of salt on the exact value)

dumbell rotator cuff
10 x 10, 6 x 10

Machine- Shoulder Press
15 x 55, 8 x 85, 3 x 85

Dumbbell- Reverse Flies
15 x 15, 10 x 15, 10 x 20

Dumbbell- Front Raise
10 x 15, 9 x 15, 5 x 15

Dumbbell- Shrugs
10 x 35, 15 x 35, 13 x 35

Not happy with earlier machine sets so dropped in some dumbbell presses.
10 x 25, 9 x 25


Mm--favourite cheesecake thread coming on perhaps methinks..