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Step Away From the Beer

Any ideas on how I can motivate my boyfriend into starting a weights program?

He’s 250lbs 6’ dead on, very heavy build with what could be a really great muscle strcture.

I’ve just got into lifting and I really just know he’d see gains so fast.

Do your own thing and let him see the progress for himself.

refrain from sleeping with him and call him out on be heavy in a teasing way but also a way that will niggle away at him. but dnt do it so bad that he just dumps you… lol.


Reward system! Set the rewards very specifically in the beginning so that he knows that you’ve thought this out and that YOU want the rewards as much as he does.

Guys are naturally competitive (obviously I don’t know your boyfriend he may not be, but if he is). Tell him stuff like “I bet you I can cycle longer than you” or “I bet I can squat more than you”

Or try getting one of his buddy’s to get him into it. So that he has a male lifting buddy.

Just some idea’s

Good Luck!

Find two pictures: one of what you want him to look like and one of a female that you know he thinks is hot. Post them on the wall next to the bed and tell him that if he looks like the first picture, you will find someone that looks like the second picture to join the two of you in the bedroom.

Leave him.

Trying to get someone, ANYONE, to lift seriously is like pushing rope uphill.

[quote]Otep wrote:
Leave him.

Trying to get someone, ANYONE, to lift seriously is like pushing rope uphill.[/quote]

Yeah it’s a decision he will have to make on his own - in my experience i’ve met very few people who will make a big lifestyle change like this because another person tells them to. If he’s already open to the idea, then maybe.

My roommates tried to get me a couple years ago - I didn’t do it, I think more because I was stubborn than anything else. I didn’t want to admit I wasn’t completely OK with how I looked. Now i’m lifting because I decided to do it on my own. (thank god I didn’t lift much with them…all they had was a bench press and thought they were going to get super buff just benching 3x a week and doing 20lb curls).

Put one of those naked firefighter calendars in every room of the house.

Shit… that’s all my gyms got, no smith machine, no squat rack, no chin-up bar. 99% of gyms here are Hotel Gyms so they’re only there for the star-rating. I mostly try to work around the shoddy lack of equiptment though.

They do have this weird non-crossover cable machine and a leg press machine (which is pretty rubbish feeling) and some other Nautilus crap on the floor - I’m a beginner girl and I’m only pressing 10-15lbs DB’s with 5’s for the flys I find hard - am I being a complete pussy? Do I need to slap myself and start dragging out the 20lbd DB’s?

BTW: I’m using the “Arnold’s body building for Men” Series 1 session which I’m doing 4 times a week - stop laughing, it’s the only book I could find in the whole city.