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Stenosis, Herniated Disc?

That’s the diagnosis I just received from my chiropractor. I had an MRI done Thursday and the radiologist found :

-a disc herniation at L5 S1 with stenosis

-a disc protrusion at L4-L5, with no “material” pushed out

My chiro says regular chiro won’t solve the problem but he has a DTS table (a table that basically pulls you apart) and says that will help. He’d like me to continue with that.

He says PT might help or hurt, depending on who the PTs are and what exercises they have me do


I need to strengthen my core

I need to lose weight

I’ve already started reading posts and articles on this site relating to back problems, core strengthening, etc.

I plan on reading any Louie SImmons’ articles I can find. I will also start doing research online.

Meanwhile, for those of you with herniated discs or stenosis, pls tell me what you’re doing that helps (or doesn’t help).

And any healers on the board, such as Dr. Ryan, chime in with their thoughts, opinions, etc.

Especially concerning exercises and specific treatments.

Sonny S

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Sciatica ? Sure, why not? What about gout? Is that available? heh heh

What is the 3 point box? Googled it but couldn’t find anything.

Found 2 variations of the dead bug.Check them out and let me know which one you meant:


What about sitting on a stability ball?

Is that ok?

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Thanks BB

Anybody else?

I hope for your sake you read this:

That disc, between L5 and the sacrum, is degenerated in most peope by the age of 20.
This does not result in pain or damage.

Discs, buge and flatten is all of us. Unless you have tingling, I’d say you’re fine.

For the record, discs can’t ‘slip’. Don’t let anyone near you with a scalpel.

Read ‘healing back pain’ by dr. john sarno before you listen to anyone. You just got the answer, don’t miss it!