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Stength Gains on the Anabolic Diet ?


Hey i been on the Anabolic Diet for 3 weeks, my strength seems to be maintaining which is good compared to other low carb diets ive tried.

Just wanted to know if any one has increased strength on this diet ? or how their strength levels faired while on the AD ?

thanks in advance

(i would have posted this in the my exp on the AD thread but it doesnt allow comments says its full)


Yo man,

You can easily gain strength whislt on the AD. Once you are fat adapted, your primary fuel source is fats, so don’t be confused, thinking that due to little daily carbs, you will not have energy and make gains both in strength and size!

Do ALOT more research about this diet and you will learn that it is a diet that can be tailored to any and every phase of training…i.e. Lean mass gain, Pure Strength, Cutting, Pre-comp.