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Stenandiol 3.0?


hey whats up guys? i wanted to know if anyone has taken stenandiol from german american technologies. i did the first box cycle and when i got the 2nd box there was twice as many pills in each bottle and they looked different. I have been having big gains in strength while being on this stuff i was curious about it does this make sense? i try to eat right and drink plenty of musclemilk.


That sounds familiar. I think I ordered that worthless crap during my senior year in HS, along with 50 other supplements.

Is that the one where they have those sketchy ads in the back of magazines, claiming it's almost as potent as steroids?


hey, yeah im not sure i took the first box or what ever and was like yeah this stuff sucks. I had the second becuase it said to buy two for a cycle so i went along with it. When i got the second box the pills were colored differently and there were way more then the first box. But what i can't figure out is why im lifting so much more weight easily and way more energy?