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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


This is the answer.


I notice he wasn’t able to provide anything showing Bernie’s plan saves money.

Who woulda thunk, giving insurance to like a hundred million people isn’t free


Lolz WHUT… Fuck off.


Nah, I just signed off on my corporate tax filing. I like zep’s version of MMT.

Government can create money for spending, does not require taxes to pay for welfare and other spending, redistribution through tax isn’t required, inflation is redundant or non-existent, budget deficits don’t matter =


I’ll fight this fight with him!


@Chris_Colucci Was his post flagged by me? I notice there’s also a “like” from me. If so, that was probably because of my cat sitting on my laptop while I got up to go to the bathroom lol. I swear I’m not joking.


Ok, I see all his posts have been hidden. So he’s banned again?


I believe the so-called forum director has temp banned him per his last comment.


God, I’m going to have to resort to arguing on FB and Twitter…


The electoral college is the absolute worst, and you’re like, literally Hitler for liking it


Well well well, you’re about to get a got damn history lesson!


Yeah the history big pharma and their corporate goons allowed into the history book. Wake up you shill


I like this version of @pfury . So much more fun than the reasonable one.


Good. I remember when I used to go after Zep hardcore as well. It’s just kind of sad to watch though it’s like NBA athletes repeatedly dunking on ten year olds. Simply not fair and a waste of energy for all.


Watching Lebron dunk on a 10-year-old sounds hilarious, though…


Especially in the context that the 10 year old is constantly telling LeBron how stupid he is.


Poor comparison perhaps. I meant it more like cool for a few times and then “ok we’ve seen this before and it’s the same thing every time.”

Either way I’m glad to get a break from Zep even if it’s just for a while




Are you discounting the 10s of thousands of positive outcomes based on a few outliers?!?!? How many people have died from Big Pharm opiods, hmmmm? Educate yourself.



I tried. I’ve used pretty much all of them. I just might not be teachable. :slight_smile:


But muh comrades…


“Nearly 20 years after the late Hugo Chavez launched his “Bolivarian revolution,” much of Venezuela is in tatters. Food and medicines are scarce, hyperinflation has gutted purchasing power for increasingly desperate citizens and roughly three million Venezuelans have fled the country in search of a better life.”

Feel the Bern!