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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


don’t you dare knock cabbage guy, he is a national treasure and should be treated as such



2,454% inflation since 1913.



It’s amazing these things need to be pointed out. Isn’t this the same clown that routinely says something like “why hasn’t minimum wage kept up with inflation?”


What a terrible fall in the amount of “proper resources” and “productivity”.


All that legal weed in MD has really been helping


Helping natural selection work.


Guess where the main source for fentanyl is? China.

If I were the type to make a cheap, inflammatory statement to push an agenda like this idiot, it would be so easy to go:

The Socialists are responsible for opiod deaths!


Quick tweet that factoid at trump! 50% tariff on Fentanyl!


Joking aside, I have no fuckin idea why we don’t do this. Just price junkies out of the market.


I would imagine most of it is black market. Our local PD did a demonstration with 3 vials of how much pure heroin/oxycodone/fentanyl it takes to kill someone. The fentanyl bottle was scary small.


Lmao Trump will probably repeat it by tweeting something like:

An extremely credible source has informed me that the SOCIALISTS are KILLING US citizens with opioids! FIGHT BACK!


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Can you post a single one of those things? Because the expected budget on his own website is much higher than our entire annual spending now

Edit: I would also be interested in why Bernie’s website says it needs to raise taxes on certain people to pay for the plan, if it’s not more expensive

Edit2: for reference, Bernie’s low-ball estimate is 1.38 trillion a year. Full budget for Medicare and Medicaid in 16 was 970 billion


You know he’s just going to say these people won’t have to pay premiums so it’s a net reduction. You know he’s not going to support his claim. Have you read how he plans to pay for it, lol.

“This plan will end the special tax break for capital gains and dividends…” What a dolt.


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You have no idea what you are talking about.

What’s your resume, again?

Two degrees in accounting. Certified management accountant. 10+ years FP&A Analysis. Countless hours of CPE. Can actually read.

Versus, what?

Says the guy that still defends his hamster heart model blunder.


Not much.


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Also from that article:
“Additionally, increase in money supply in an economy also leads to inflation.”

“Money supply can be increased by the monetary authorities either by printing and giving away more money to the individuals, or by devaluing (reducing the value of) the currency. In all such cases of demand increase, the money loses its purchasing power.”

“Since the money supply had rapidly increased, prices spiked and the value of money fell, contributing to economic collapse.”

“Since most world currencies are fiat money, the money supply could increase rapidly for political reasons, resulting in inflation.”

Not the first time you’ve posted a link that works directly against points you’ve made yourself. As has been said several times before, you’re either deliberately misrepresenting things or you simply don’t understand the stuff you’re posting. You need to take a break and reconsider your approach here. Again.

(Note to other posters: Expect this thread to go quiet for the foreseeable future.)


Ya, they’ll take a back seat to “administrative costs” which is code for the “ruling class” getting their cut.

No, they’ll be electives and you’ll have to find a way to pay for a Cadillac program. I’ll manage.

Sorry not sorry I don’t flip-flop my beliefs when it’s convenient for me.