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Bernie Sanders says it will cost more

Are you calling the BernMan a dirty fucking liar?

  1. That doesn’t explain the fact that you read the hamster study and thought it was done on humans, which does not absolve you from mockery for pure, unbridled stupidity.

  2. That does not explain why you did not know the term “hamster heart model” was not in the study you were meant to post if you did not LIE about reading the study you were meant to post.

  3. This was not the study you claimed you meant to post. It is not even about heart failure. You could not possibly have not known you had posted the “wrong” study after seeing the words “hamsters” and “heart failure” in it since this study is about MS.

You are giving me a very strong suspicion that you are very used to manipulating compassionate folk with cheap lies to get what you want in real life, and you get away with it not because they believe you, but being compassionate, they simply don’t call you out on your lies.

The ones you claimed you wanted to post were these, which were about heart failure.

Lies, lies and more lies


It’s the one I quoted in my previous post, which isn’t the one he is now claiming he meant to post in his latest reply to me. He later modified the conclusion of the study to mislead people.

Now he’s lying about which studies he originally meant to post. He obviously doesn’t want to bring up the real one because he modified the conclusion.

What he is doing now is trying to deflect from the fact that he read the hamster study and thought it was done on humans, which is exactly what we are mocking him for, by claiming we are mocking him because he posted the wrong study and that it should all be rectified by his acknowledgement that he posted the wrong study.


Depends on your perspective. I could learn Chinese and become a productive member of the regime. You on the other hand, bye bye medicine, home, internet access, food, clothing, etc…

Yes, it could be. No one has ever disputed that it could be. The dispute is whether or not a) healthcare should be treated as a public good and b) if that would be better or worse than what we currently have.

It would not. We might break even if and only if payments to healthcare professionals are reduced by 40%, drugs prices drop substantially, and the amount of approved treatments is reduced. This is indisputable. Even Sander’s acknowledges this. Even Cortez acknowledges this. People would still have to come out of pocket for elective procedures like knee replacements. The net effect is it will cost people more money not less.

I’ve shown you the numbers. I’ve walked you through the current cost of Medicare and how the math translates to M4A. Everyone; except, you acknowledge M4A will cost more money.

This is just your opinion and you are an unreliable source.

No, logic and basic mathematics say it’s not so.


Irony at it’s finest.

You better hope it doesn’t die because it’s what keeps you feed, medicated, clothed, and with a roof over your head.

Just smh, you sound like a cartoon character.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

For the third time in a day, no one has said this.

This is fucking ridiculous.


Dude, they control inflation in part by manipulating the money supply. Jesus…

Just fucking stop, please…


This is like trying to explain the periodic table to someone who thinks the elements are earth, wind, fire, water…


The only way single-payer can cost less than what we currently have is if a) the supply of care decreases resulting in longer wait times (not gonna happen in the US) and/or b) the amount of procedures covered by single-payer is reduced, a lot.

The problem with B is that people will have to pay out of pocket either at the point of sale for elective treatments (stem cell therapy, for example) or will have to buy supplemental insurance to cover electives. In other words, not only will will their taxes increase, but their out of pocket expenses will also go up if they want / need an elective procedure.

How you can’t grasp this is beyond me.


Zep’s the avatar, he’s the only one that can manipulate all the elements and bring balance back to the world.


Everything changed when the socialist nation attacked.


That’s hilarious.


The Avatar guy is Tibetian, isn’t he(I’ve never watched it)?

You don’t know how true this is.

Tibetians can’t even reincarnate without express permission from the Socialist authorities!


It’s actually a really good show. I think the Air Nomad’s are based off Tibetan monks, but I’m not sure.


The movie or the cartoon? I avoided the movie because of M. Night Shamylalala.


The cartoon. The movie was a live-action abortion.

*And this is coming from a guy that’s sat through the live-action Dragonball movie, twice.


Truer words were never spoken. God awful movie.

You see the new one coming out soon? It’s animated, but Canon Broly.


Ya, dude, I’m stoked. Not only Broly, but Gogeta too.


You guys better be serious lol. When I watch cartoons that are not like Devilman and NGE, my wife laughs at me for days.


The character development is really well done. Zuko’s my boy!


You know Zep would be Zukos sister. Always screaming about capitalism and big pharma. An exec out to get you under every rock.

Instead of shooting lightning he’d shoot stem cells.


Ya; except, she was at least a fire bending prodigy. He’d probably be the guy that sells cabbage just as a cure all.