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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


I was being sarcastic.

*It’s like 2% of the total.


Yeah, I know. It’s the 2% that shocks me.


I’ve got good insurance.


Exactly, fears of a debt crisis are just that fear with no rationality.


You are by far the worst bot in Russian history.


Yes, I’ve questioned it. Do you think a model could just be a template?



Oh my fucking god, dude.


Says the corporate media and Big Banks you derelict!


He is just using the “hamster heart model” phrase on it’s own as a distraction to make it seem like anyone could have misinterpreted the terminology.

The fact still remains that:

  1. He claims he read the hamster STUDY. No one with an IQ above 6 would have misinterpreted the STUDY to have been done on hamsters.

  2. He LIED about reading the study he claims he meant to post instead of the hamster study. Otherwise, he would have known there was no mention of hamsters in the “right” study and would have known he posted the wrong one instead of doubling down on insisting the hamster study was done on humans.

Bloody persistant liar, this fellow.


And you trust a study that uses a hamster template on people?

Let’s ignore that you’re ignorant af and that’s not a thing. If it actually was a thing youd be on board?

Those hamsters from the Kia commercial weren’t real btw


But there’s nothing to question.

Way back when, you originally posted the study and talked about it like it was done on humans. When it was pointed out by ActivitiesGuy (an expert on the topic) and by other people (who read the very-easy-to-find full text of the study) that it wasn’t done on humans, you refused to accept the fact and began all the excuses, wordplay, and dodging.

Most recent example of the dodging and wordplay: USMC said “You still think the study you posted was conducted on people and not hamsters.” … You replied “And you still try and connect this to the wrong studies.”

It has nothing to do with “the wrong studies”. It’s always been about the original which you refuse to accept.

The afternoon of August 12, you posted 3 studies. The morning of August 13, dt79 pointed out that they were done on mice and hamsters. The afternoon of August 13, you said “No they weren’t. They were done on humans, just like the PEOPLE who have the treatment done today.”

About an hour later, ActivitiesGuy went in-depth explaining how there’s not a shadow of doubt they were absolutely done on animals. That’s the exact moment where the “Sorry, I was wrong” should’ve come into play, but instead, it’s when you began the whole “hamster model doesn’t mean hamsters” nonsense.


I first gave him a chance to read the damn studies by sarcastically posting something like “Alas, I’m sorry to say that ALL the subjects have since died.” without saying anything else since it was a 10 year old study and is more than the average life span of a lab rat. The stupid fuck didn’t get it even though the study he meant to post was done on thousands of subjects.


Is this really necessary?

M4A could be paid for with taxes. Even though that may not be needed. And it would save money, covering everybody with often better outcomes. But the defenders of the ruling class say it’s not so. Even though it has been proven by many other countries countless times. Evidence is all around. But the defenders of the ruling class are not swayed by evidence when their ideology is at stake. Beliefs trump evidence. This ideology is dying. Look around. IMO, it can’t die fast enough. You will be on the trash heap of history along with your limp ideology.


Still wrong. Always


“Printing money” does NOT cause inflation. A lack of proper resources and productivity do. The fact that the U.S. government is the issuer of money guarantees payment not default.


Yes, I know inflation is right around the corner. That has been said for decades, but I know one day!!


It makes sense when you don’t conflate the budget of a nation who is the only one who can issue it’s currency legally with a household/business.

But you keep on living in the gold standard, as if it creates a constraint on government spending. How do you think all those illegal wars are paid for?


Because as I’ve stated numerous times in the past I posted the wrong studies and have admitted it was a mistake several times. So I was defending different studies.

As I’ve said countless rimes before, they were the wrong studies. So I was defending the studies I originally meant to post.


But the studies I originally wanted to post were done on humans. Just like the trial I was to be involved in but was prevented by an American neurologist who kept trying to sell me on pharmaceuticals. Even though I told him at least twice I wasn’t at all interested as my mother died after a 20+ year bout with Parkinson’s and all the doctors ever did for her was prescribe her another synthetic chemical-which made her hallucinate. The doctor told me the meds for Parkinson’s and MS were different. That was the sage advice given to me.


I haven’t seen any of those (and, it goes without saying, I see a lot of posts on this site). Can you link to any of them? I’m not being rhetorical or sarcastic. I’d be happy to apologize for harping on the issue if that’s been the case.

What I have seen, like I just explained, is you vehemently denying the mistake from the very first instance it was pointed out up to current day.


And the real-world evidence from around the world says otherwise. But you keep on defending the ruling class if you like. In a decade I believe you and your desiccated ideology will be done for.