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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


More dishonesty from zep. Shall I repost all your lies and misrepresentations?

You seem to think they disappear after multiple posts have passed.


Jesus H. Christ.

Are you serious?

Still waiting on that resume


Why would anyone take the time to explain why MMT is nonsense to you? Seriously, can you provide a good reason why someone should take their own time to explain it to you?

MMT is fringe economics, period. It is not held in high regard in the macroeconomic world. Not in academia. Not in the private sector.

Examples have already been provided that prove printing money leads to inflation/hyperinflation destroying an economy in the process.

You really don’t understand any of this. What do you think would happen with all of our foreign debt holders if we just started printing USD to pay off debts? Do you have any idea how currency devaluation works or why we don’t want that?

Take a basic macro economics class online. You can probably find one for free for crying out loud.

The most amazing thing about you is that you think you have all the answers and everyone else is wrong. Wrong about healthcare, stem cells, vaccines, clinical trials, hamster heart models, taxation, how businesses are run, so on and so forth.

It’s comically tragic.


Zep, you’re lying.

You have flat-out said that you don’t believe the term “hamster heart model” actually refers to a study done hamsters.

I’m not sure why you’re incapable of admitting that you were wrong about it, but that inability is a large reason why it’s become a running joke at your expense. It could’ve very easily been avoided months ago by saying “Sorry, I was wrong.”


Herpa derp, herpity derp. Skipity bipity boo.


Literally just this thread

Adds two meta-analyses as if that changes that he’s wrong

Which turns out to be not so great.

lol, like it’s not in bold.


Still going strong

Posts a video from Tucker Carlson at Fox News, lol…
Little bit of time passes and right back at it:


Still in denial

Then we’ve got the corporate media inconsistency.

Of course, who can forget this gem.

The day he learned (I use the term loosely) about MMT:

Argues with himself about his own source



Lol. He’s like a culmination of all the lies, dishonesty, misrepresentations, innuendos and hypocrisy you see in politics, only stupid enough to make them painfully obvious, isn’t he? He even doubles down when his dishonesty is proven beyond any doubt.


I think he thinks the internet like restarts every night or something.


Maybe not…

How am I to interpret this? Was he challenging me and showing me how much he can still distort my posts despite what I told him?

Zeppy boy, your posts on the internet really don’t disappear. The thread’s been deleted but I can still find a cached version on google. I can easily post the entire link if you wish to try to weasel your way out of this one.


@SkyzykS wasn’t Zep calling you an idiot for bringing up cigarette companies and the strategic advantage they’d have in the weed industry?



That’s such a dumb comparison anyway. The military budget is not that large compared to all of our mandatory spending on social programs. The entire direct cost of the war in Iraq could have been used to fund M4A for like a year and half (iirc). Even if you throw in indirect costs, it wasn’t even 3 years worth of M4A funding.

It’s like comparing annual spending on food to annual spending on a mortgage.


I don’t he knows how to read a pie chart. You should have used lego pieces to explain it to him.


“Acapulco Gold” is such a cool name. I would definitely smoke that shit.


Anyway, here’s something I posted while the threads were being combined.

You guys wanna see silly politics with Big Governments in Asia? Can you imagine the Prime Minister of a fairly stable country calling the majority race “lazy and untrustworthy” and no one goes nuts because they want to keep their entitlements?

*This is not a statement on race. I do not believe any race is inferior or has inborn traits that makes people of the race prone to laziness and such. This is about the largest segment of the population, which happens to be of the same race and religion, which politicians have pandered to and bred a certain culture within through provision of excess rights and welfare that prevents them from advancing.

Now they are protesting against ratification of ICERD.

Get this. The majority race is AGAINST ELIMINATION OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY(NOT OUTCOME) FOR ALL RACES because they don’t want to lose their entitlements, which is excessive WELFARE not given to CITIZENS of other races(minorities) and what you call AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for the MAJORITY RACE.

While we do see this happening in African nations and others, this is a country with political stability with an abundance of natural resources, a relatively good standard of living in terms of purchasing power today and vast investments in companies and infrastructure from abroad. I am actually considering retiring there in the future.


It’s a weird time we live in.


Yes he was. It’s OK though. I’m kinda proud to be called an idiot by Zep. It means I’m in good company.

Some of the brightest people I’ve ever interacted with online or Irl have been called an idiot by him.

I have, a long time ago. It really was all it was cracked up to be.


Quick question for MMT and @Zeppelin79. One that I can’t really figure out.

If a nation’s spending is unrelated to it’s revenue (taxes) and is nearly entirely reliant on the printing of fiat currency… why does anyone invest in sovereign debt? Why would you buy the T-Bills of a country if you knew the only way they’d pay you back is by printing deflated dollars?

Answer: the fiat currency is underwritten by the “full faith and credit” of a government. What that means in laymens’ terms is the currency is underwritten by the government’s ability to tax the county’s citizens and businesses.

Just like individuals, when a country’s debt/income ratio gets bad enough people stop lending them money. It’s already starting.



Ya, dude, it makes no sense. Why does the government take on debt at all if they can simply print more money to pay for anything? Why even have a budget?

*MMT only makes sense if you have no education / understanding / experience in business, finance, accounting, or economics.


Such greedy mother fuckers!


Huh? I didn’t even get that amount of subsidy even when I was in the military.