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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


Instead you’d rather have them believing in a propagandist fallacy.


It is you and your ilk that seeks to deny choice to the public.


I can let slide yet another silly attempt to vilify me by quoting part of my post and bashing that part as long as you answer this:

If taxes aren’t paying for welfare, no one is leeching.

Are you sure you believe in the nonsense you are parroting about government money printing and taxes?


Life is full of useful delusions. Unfortunately, you’ve chosen the wrong ones.

You’ve even managed to botch up being a useful idiot.


I have never written anything I can’t back up. Here, I have presented statements of fact. You either have to be mentally ill or you are writing things you don’t actually believe.

However, I can’t be bothered to argue here since:

  1. Only mentally ill people will believe this.

  2. Sane people will think you are mentally ill if you are trying to bullshit them.

  3. If you are really mentally ill, I will not continue to engage you.

Have you ever been diagnosed with any form of mental illness like schizophrenia? Have you ever been prescribed anti-psychotics?


First, hundreds of thousands don’t die each year from opiods. Second, no, it doesn’t make those deaths “okay”, but that isn’t what I said…

A very small percentage die from opiods and I bet it’s a very small percentage that dies soley from opiods abuse.

There’s nothing more to say. You understand none of this.

Umm, ya, that’s what I just said…

Ya, because I don’t. I own thousands of dollars in marijuana stocks so I would obviously love for weed to be legalized federally since I’m a greedy capitalist. In other words, me saying I don’t care should speak volumes to you, but I doubt that’ll sink in.

You’re an idiot.

No one said this.

Cool. I make a living analyzing finances you don’t make a living, period.

Still waiting on that resume.

Solid non-answer.

Doesn’t address what I wrote.

You still won’t admit how wrong you were, hamster boy. All you ever do is dodge. Well and plagerize and argue against your own posts.

Nice dodge, lol.


Nice dodge. See, lol, that’s all you do. I still don’t believe you’re a real person and not some shitty Russian bot.


It would actually make a lot of sense. His goal to dismantle big pharma and remove the public’s access to treatments in the name of ‘fairness.’

Maybe that’s how he plans to pay for single payer. Let the change kill a bunch of people and it becomes way cheaper


Shittt, someone’s been reading Zep’s posts…

What, no fucking way :derp:


Like you understand any of that link, lol.


Jesus Christ.

I browsed this “Modern Monetary Theory” and the idiot doesn’t even understand what he’s posting.

If increasing money supply for government spending creates a budget deficit, which is considered a net asset to the private sector, this assumes that money is used for the purpose of investment and savings. Which means it cannot be used on a welfare state since it leads to none of that. Which still brings us back to inflation and the need for higher taxes, with the burden of the cost of welfare still on the tax payer.


MMT is hot garbage. It’s a handful of economists looking to make a name for themselves and nothing more. There isn’t a single noteworthy economist that subscribes to MMT.

It’s fringe economics at best. Zep only posts blog posts regarding MMT for an obvious reason. No respectable journal / news organization is publishing MMT’s nonsense. I’m surprised folks like Paul Krugman even take the time to respond to it.


The thing is he can’t even apply it correctly. The idiot doesn’t understand it.


Of course, he doesn’t. As I said earlier, he doesn’t understand any of this.

*I just read the originator of MMT is a multimillionaire former Wall Street banker. Lolz.


Exactly and even if they did pay for social programs, I would submit that a disabled person is not a leech. You like to make this claim and then fight every chance you get by vilifying the public’s right to choose a treatment that can make them better. Welcome to the bizaro world of dt79.

And you have not shown it to be nonsense. It is only because you say so.


And again, you’ve provided nothing to back up your beliefs. A true victim of propaganda.


You still think there are questions that need to be answered regarding vaccines…

You still think the study you posted was conducted on people and not hamsters.

You hate on the mainstream media and then post “evidence” from said media source.

You hate Wall Street then appeal to analysts at Goldman Sachs.

The list could go for several miles.

Please, fucking stop or at least ask the Kremlin to fix your programing.


Then we shouldn’t be paying taxes. Why are you championing higher taxes?

You can certainly object to it being used as a derogatory term but as long as the person is not self sustaining and relies on the money of others to survive, he is the very definition of one.

This is a lie and I would like you to retract it or I will repost our previous exchange proving it to be a lie.


And you still try and connect this to the wrong studies.

How am I appealing to Goldman Sachs.

Yes, it must be the Russians.


Like i don’t go out to prove the earth isn’t flat. These things do not even need to be aconowledged.