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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


Fucking lolz at appealing to economists at Goldman Sachs. Irony at it’s finest.

*They’re analysts not economist… Fucking derp


Do you really think that 18 billion dollars is a lot of money on an industry wide scale?

Thats the funniest thing about all of this. You think those are big scary numbers.


The “extenuating circumstance” was that those governments created so much fiat currency they caused hyperinflation and complete collapse of their economies.

I love that you used Japan as an example of a country that’s printing its way to prosperity. I take it you’ve never heard of the lost decade(s) in Japan (see below). Inventing money out of thin air and creating asset bubbles (snp 500 anyone?) doesn’t help anything. It’s a bandaid on a bullet wound.

You do realize an economist at Goldman Sachs would absolutely encourage the US government to owe as much as possible to the federal reserve, right?

The federal reserve is owned by private banks including Goldman Sachs… so the government pays more interest to the federal reserve the more they borrow. If there was ever a time to be wary of the source, this would be it.

Also again, read and learn.


Didn’t see your comment… great minds and all.


A government is a body of people; an entity, elected or otherwise, to govern The State. The People, i,e, citizens, are it’s “shareholders”.

Get it?


Oh please. Do you really believe in democracy?

What if people voted that they don’t want to be forced to support leeches like you anymore?



There are some big scary numbers for ya zeppydoodle.

Edit: Sorry, usmccds423, we must have been typing these simultaneously.


Look guys, this has gone off the deep end.

If this idiot REALLY believes this new piece of nonsense he’s parroting, we are now even beyond Flat Earth territory. It would show without a doubt that he isn’t just stupid, but obviously mentally ill.

This isn’t something even the dumbest, most uneducated, most uninformed people I know in the 3rd World would latch on to after you explain things to them unless they have agendas and don’t believe in what they are saying.

There is really nothing that can be said to someone like this. It is like talking to my relative who has schizophrenia.


It’s good practice. Gonna have to teach my kid these things in the next couple of years.


Yeah but even if your kids do pick up these funny ideas in their early to mid teens, there’s no way they will carry on entertaining them after they have further education or after they start working. This is really something only severely mentally ill people spout with conviction.

If he’s just bullshitting, I can’t even bring myself to entertain it. No one in his right mind would be influenced by him anyway.


I wouldn’t bother, I doubt he understands this concept. It’s us and them with him. The Corporations so on and so forth.

I doubt he’s read the Constitution either. Ya know, that whole “we the people…” Part


Oh, that’s the whole point. I don’t want an 8 year old walking around sounding like Zep.


It’s not surprising(not the money part) for a self-proclaimed socialist. It is a clear example of socialists having authoritarian tendencies even though they refuse to admit it.



And that makes the death of hundreds of thousands okay? Well yeah it does, as they are making money and that is what matters.

So nothing to say, just name-calling. Bravo, you are a true hero!

Yeah, especially you. No wait you did say “I don’t care” when asked why the pharma industry has lobbied against cannabis. You damn well know the answer, but can’t admit to it because it would undermine your ridiculous and dangerous economic ideology. And beliefs are what’s most important, not truth.

No it is YOU that doesn’t understand. 2 overarching points. #1 The government doesn’t depend on taxes to spend. #2 A Federal government with a sovereign unpegged currency should NOT be run like a household budget.

[quote="usmccds423, post:819, topic

Another non-answer.

The government is the only entity legally that can produce money.


More proof that your understanding is extremely limited.

It applies in a world with a pegged currency/gold standard. A world in which we do not live any longer. Or do we?

Once again, the budget of the Fed. government should not be run like a household.

Another dodge.

One would think that you would get tired of dodging. But this is how you try and keep your dying ideology alive.



A great learning experience outside the mainstream.


This is telling of what kind of person you really are.


Yep, it shows how much the American public are being ripped off. Over 1 trillion, isn’t this a reason why they don’t want competition and would rather people suffer and even die.


As usual, you’ve said nothing of substance. Just the tried and true character assassination bit. Will you ever get tired of using it?


Oh man, spreading disinformation one child at a time.


It takes a lie minutes to repeat itself, while the truth has endurance but takes longer to get through.