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Of course, he thinks we’re all just blind sheep following orders like good soldiers. You’d think the fact that like 20 people, who all hold varying political beliefs, some quite different, think he’s a complete lunatic would be enough for him to come to the realization that it’s he that is the sheep.

A sheep that’s wrong, like 99.99999% of the time, but mouth breathers get to use the internet too…


He might not be stupid, be he clearly struggles with reading comprehension and original thought.

Prior to his diagnosis, he was on here asking about how to get into real estate. He went from being a greedy capitalist to greedy progressive money grabber the second it became convenient or necessary for him.

He’s a joke with no real convictions about anything and he relies on blogs or YouTube to “understand” the way the world works because he has no formal education or real world experience, it seems in anything.

This is the guy that once listened to Rush Limbaugh according to his own words and now he’s a die hard progressive. What he believes and the “facts” he uses to justify his beliefs come from someone else as do all of his talking points and change with the slightest breeze.


A younger possibly dumber Zep

I know, we’ll just print the $38 trillion!


40 trillion, huh?

She’d have better luck selling pics of her butthole on the interwebs.

Even CNN guy couldn’t hide his incredulity.


Lol, ya… He was like, ummmmm your tax increases account for an additional $2T sooooooooo…"


Wait…What? Are you saying, “the finance industry is allowed to hold you accountable for things that you have no responsibility for” in the same way that one can say, “The NFL is allowed to hold you accountable for things that you have no responsibility for?”


Hey! I find her cute. She’s like one of those evangelist church of dubious origins girls I used to go for. Best sex ever.


This part was very reassuring to me for some reason


No sweat bro. We’ll just print more.


You know not of what you speak. Read and learn:


I grew up with Nintendo and all that and I still don’t get wanting to watch someone over playing myself. That said my nephew is the same way. He loves to watch people play Minecraft


And Social Security will never run out of money.

There is nothing to prevent the federal government from creating as much money as they want - Alan Greenspan in his response to Eddie Muenster when he was trying to get him to go along with his scheme of privatizing Social Security. To his credit Alan Greenspan answered truthfully when he was under oath. It must have pained them both as they are Ayn Rand followers.


Yeah tens of thousands dead every year so pharma can make more money. And they still lobby against medicinal cannabis because of this. Novel concept.

The real reason why cannabis is lobbied against.


And what of the national parks and this patent on cannabis?


More useless knowledge from a worldview of the gold standard. The government is the only entity legally that can produce money.

Educate yourself from someone who actually lives in the real world. Austrian economics were headed by Von Mises and Hayek both of whose major works were done in a world that was governed by the gold standard. Since we’ve been off it since 1971 their economic prescriptions don’t apply any longer. Except to those who’ve dedicated their lives to it OR to people who have a romantic connection to it. Grow up!


Here is a debate among William Mosler and Robert Murphy an Austrian economist who lives in a world where the U.S. currency is still on the gold standard.


How do you think we pay for all of those illegal wars? Do you think that money magically appears? However, when it is suggested to spend money on the public it is always questioned, debated and generally resisted. Not so, for the military. Where people are routinely killed, creating more enemies for this country, trying to spread democracy. Funny we don’t even have that here.


And these outlier examples are of extenuating circumstances not of those related to the normal workings of an economy. Politicians and pundits try to scare the public about the debt, however there are other countries whose debt surpasses that of America in terms of GDP.

Daan Struyven and David Mericle, economists at Goldman Sachs, said the example of Japan could prove instructive as the world’s third largest economy had not suffered a debt crisis, even though it arguably has the most public debt as a share of its GDP in the world. Japan’s government debt to GDP ratio sits at 236% in 2017, more than double that of the U.S., which stands at 108%, according to the International Monetary Fund.


You’re an idiot.

Millions of people use opioids without incident.

No one said anything about cannabis…

$18.5B represents a whopping 4% of the entire US Pharmaceutical Industry.

Obviously didn’t read or comprehend the article. Shocking…


You live in your mom’s basement and blog for a living.

You’re a fucking idiot if you think their work doesn’t apply anymore.

No, that would be you.


Well, do you want to speak Russian because that’s how you speak Russian.


Hey shocker, this is dumb. You are dumb.