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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


But, if it’s the government’s money, to begin with aren’t they just taking those nickles back?


I’d rather watch a 20-min video game play from a top-level player than play myself. I don’t have the time to get get enough to actually enjoy the game, so a quick hit video while I’m relaxing is more enjoyable than trying super hard for hours and then getting pissed off because a 9-year-old can still walk all over me.

By watching instead of playing my enjoyment of the game is significantly higher.


I’ve never been much into watching streamers myself, but I’ve stopped playing a lot of gamers where you need a Ph.D. to know what you’re doing, lol.


No, I do read them.

I see you want to fall back on the delay tactic of more studies. As if that is justification for not allowing people the choice. What happened with all of those positive studies on opioids? What went wrong? Did they miss the parts where addiction and overdose where a problem. Because they are as tens of thousands of people die each year from that garage that is produced by pharma, primarily for profit above all else. But this crap is a choice for the public but stem cells are not. Sounds awesome!


Then, why don’t you do it as I’m sure it is far more than you make?


It is the governments money to begin with as they create it. What isn’t taxed back is the domain of the non-government sector.




Opioids aren’t garbage. They’re extremely effective.

Well, because a) I’m not 7-years-old and I doubt anyone wants to watch me review toys… and b) it’s not my cup of tea.


For the sake of argument lets say MMT isn’t a complete shit show of an economic model and you’re right (you’re not), every dollar you receive is within the public domain as it’s money “taxed back” and then given to you; therefore, not yours to keep or spend as you see fit.


Yes. He did. It’s even on his website

Of course you’re held accountable for your life. Who the hell else would be accountable?

I have multiple layers of insurance to insulate my kids if that were to happen. It’s not ‘cheap,’ but I certainly wouldn’t fuck with their futures by not having it

I have empathy towards people deserving of it. I’ve never known you to not be a nasty disrespectful human being.


No they aren’t Social Security will never run out of money. There is nothing preventing the Federal government from printing as much money as it needs. So all of those government/corporate puppets trying to privatize Social Security are doing so at the behest of their paymasters.

So you can take off your cape and stop looking in the mirror. Your taxes don’t pay for shit.


It most likely will.

Ummm, yes there is.

Cool talking point, bro.

Great! Then we can end taxation, wonderful!




No. Doctors treat pain as it comes. An individuals predilection for opioid is their own responsibility.

Like when I started doing heroin. I was like “fuck… This shit is Gooood!” and off I went down that road.

Years later and into recovery it was time for a root canal. Doc says “You’re going to be in quite a bit of pain for a few days, so here’s a script for that.”.

So I responded “No thanks Doc. I like those a little too much.”. He looked at me funny for a second, then I left.

Just like that. Personal responsibility.


Do you understand that social security is paid for through a trust fund, funded by FICA taxes and the inflows are less than the outflows, right?


I was given Percoset when my appendix was removed. Rather than take it, I just sucked it up a bit until the pain subsided. Novel concept…


You are WRONG you moron.

This is how it’s done, dumb Comrade. Watch and learn:


Government MANAGES public goods and infrastructure.

A PUBLIC good belongs to The People, i.e, all the citizens of the country.

Money is created by the government on BEHALF of The People. Therefore, it’s The People’s money.

Since it is The People’s money, it should be EVENLY DISTRIBUTED. But evil rich people are taking more than their fair share by exploiting others. This is why there is a descrepancy in wealth.

Hence, to return society to equilibrium, it must be toppled, with money, including the monetary value of property purchased with this money, taken away from those who have taken too much and given back to those who have received too little.

This is how you do it, you noob socialist.


In case anyone wants to know how dumb MMT is and, Murphy and I don’t exactly see eye to eye on politics, so a certain duffus shouldn’t just dismiss this as my propaganda…


Your just brainwashed by that patriarchy to protect your ideology. Cuz banksters, doctors, political blargh-a-dee-blargh!


I straight up told the surgeon I simply could not support the tyrannical and immoral practices of Big Pharm directly after his anesthesiologist used a hell of a cocktail to knock me the fuck out. Seriously, going under is a crazy feeling. Two hours felt like half a second.


But it was actually pronounced “woahhburbleburble…”


Seriously, Zep, educate yourself


I honestly still don’t believe he is this stupid. He’s just grasping at straws throwing out any silly theory he can find to justify what he does. The only people who I have known that buy this new, wonderful piece of idiocy from him were 16-17 year olds FROM VILLAGES opening up an economics textbook for the first time.