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"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video


So how do people have the money to pay taxes if it is not first created by the government?


But is it wrong? Wow, you’ve certainly proved your point.


It would be a waste of time for me to explain any of this to you.


Says nothing of the economic macro philosophy. Not that it works or not. Or that is the way a country with a sovereign currency that isn’t pegged to anything can conduct business. Just that it’s socialist.


No, you’re blind.


Cool, bro.



BOOM! What did I tell you?



If they aren’t used to fund the Fed. government then you can stop patting yourself on the back and thinking you’re a hero, cause your taxes don’t pay for shit.


Dude, it’s unreal. I skimmed his links, the second one doesn’t even pertain to the US.

They are used to fund the federal government and all of the social programs you enjoy. You have no idea what you’re talking about. This is nonsense even for you.


OMG AHAHAHAHA oh shit this is better than the hamsters


You haven’t the slightest clue how a fiat currency even works. Yesterday I was excited for this wholly expected stupidity, but the joy just isn’t here today. This is beyond dumb.


Government rarely prints money any longer. It is more often a credit into an account, which takes a keystroke on a computer.

They aren’t needed for redistribution.

And all of you knuckle-dragging morons probably believe the bullshit served up by derelicts like Eddie Muenster(Paul Ryan) that Social Security will be broke and others will not receive their benefits, especially with the changing demographics.


This is just making my head hurt.

Where’s your degree from again? What are your qualifications to talk about any of this again?


Zep, are you trying to make me die laughing? Is this your strategy?



What? I literally got a mild asthma attack laughing!


I think he’s finally broken my funny bone. I’m officially Cartman.


Whoa look out

An opinionated fella…


He never once said that.

So many Americans die broke working all of their lives but I’m expected to be held accountable for being diagnosed with a disease(43) that prevents me from working. So it’s my fault that I didn’t retire by that age? What if it happened to you? What are your plans, are you preparing? And I have no chance of a future without the ability to work and live on the scraps of disability.

And you call me a nasty human being. You do not know what the word empathy means.


I don’t know for certain. I’m not 100% but my choice shouldn’t be purposefully limited so pharma can make more money. Is anyone 100% about their treatments?

Yes, my access to capital is being blocked because the finance industry is allowed to hold you accountable for things that you have no responsibility for.

So not only do I have to face life with a disease. I have the pharma, finance industry and the bought off government agents to contend with. We live in a very sick country. Designed to extract every nickle they can from you. If you have to suffer and even die, too bad they need to make more money.


Ya because you’re a model of empathy…